Philippe is one of the most useful contacts I have here at APsense. This very seasoned online marketer has so much experience and so many well developed skills that he is certainly the very first person I would consult if I had any kind of problem in internet marketing. He is very up-to-date in his skills and keeps up with the very latest trends and technologies, and he has some tricks up his sleeve that can be very useful to learn from him.
 - pauljp November 27th, 2012

He's an expert on marketing, you can say that just by writing his articles
 - janinajo November 26th, 2012

Philippe is one the senior and one of the most active member of apsense. If you are newbie in apsense and are not accustomed to tools availabe here, he is the Mr. Right. Visit his profile he has all resources to teach you how to make the best of apsense. I crave to learn more from him.
 - bintuxxx November 17th, 2012

I used one of elegant's theme once before and had no problem using it. It's easy to use and modify and it's elegant ^_^.
 - lordknives November 14th, 2012

I can say in just a few words about Philippe...Awsome! From the first moment I joined APSense, Philippe share with me some online professionalism, he said "use the same picture for all your online promotions and you will get better results." If you are a newbie here, join his group where he had's videos on how to market here at APSense. Thank you for the online, life line!
 - iqueen25 October 20th, 2012

Thanks Philippe, Grate educational videos, I highly recommend your services. If you want to grow your business Philippe Moisan at apsense has the knowledge and experience to get you on the right track to prosper from your efforts online. good luck to you.
 - wrongway3333 October 15th, 2012

Philippe never stops working and being present all over Apsense, helping new and old members to learn and understand what this business social network website is aa about. Thanks!
 - mteodor October 13th, 2012

Philippe has given me a tremendous amount of help. Anytime I have a question, he is the first person I ask. Always nice and ALWAYS helpful. Thanks, Philippe! Terry Warner
 - terryfwarner October 11th, 2012

APSense won't be APSense without this good mentor, I have learned a lot from his articles, videos and posts. Thank you Philippe and keep it up ^_^.
 - lordknives October 11th, 2012

I read all the recommendations of my "Chom" Philippe they are pertinent and on the object. Je vous conseille d'en regarder vous aussi. I love QUE and Canada.
 - productselected October 11th, 2012

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