"Be Proactive" is an excellent blog powered by Mr. Philippe Moisan who is one of the greatest online marketers and one of the greatest teacher about marketing, APSense, business networks, social networks etc. I highly recommend everyone who is trying to learn about online marketing and it's power to visit "Be Proactive", to contact Mr. Philippe and start his journey in the marketing world.
 - angelcho July 22nd, 2012

Philippe Moisan is person respect so much here on Apsense. He provides answers, share tips, and gives advice where necessary. I have seen him post valuable comments across some posts I have read here on Apsense. I strongly recommend him as a mentor. I admire him so much.
 - ivanklasic July 15th, 2012

Philippe is the most active and most addicted APSenser as I know. He has wide experience in making video tutorials, writing articles, programming and more. He is one of the most prominent leaders here at APSense, for sure. If you need help in any of mentioned areas you'll get it from him. I'm proud he is my friend.
 - ilbiscom July 13th, 2012

Philippe is one of the Main Men of APSense, there is not a lot he does not know about. I suggest that if there is anything you need to know just hook up with him and he will point you in the right direction. He has a lot of videos to keep you up to date. Keep up the good work.
 - josh63 July 11th, 2012

As a fellow Canadian, I'm proud to say that Philippe is truly a man who strives to help others. He epitomizes a "mentor's heart". I don't know Philippe very well, but it's very apparent (if you spend any time on APSense) that Philippe is interested in helping others succeed! I hope to build a stronger relationship with him over time. Great to know you, Philippe!
 - ouiouioui July 3rd, 2012

I've known philippe for a few years now and always found him pleasant and industrious, he's a hard worker and takes pride in everything he does. Philippe is always willing to lend a hand i have no trouble giving him a high recommendation..
 - davegilbert July 2nd, 2012

I recommend Philippe Moisan, being the Best Consultant and Mentor of Apsense
 - aceepotchi June 26th, 2012

Philippe Moisan has collected the most valuable set of tutorials, tips and instructions for anybody wanting to know what to do on ApSense and how to go about it. Thank you for this great service!
 - bizfit May 30th, 2012

Pleased to add my recommendation of a true professional marketer and internet adviser. Where ever you see Philippe face, he is in there pitching and helping others. A true internet resource, thanks Philippe.
 - drdony May 29th, 2012

My very good friend, Philippe, has been very helpful here on ApSense. I don't know what I'd do without him. His knowledge about the ins and outs of this program is beyond compare. As a matter of fact, I find him quite knowledgeable about Internet marketing in general.
 - daykotah May 27th, 2012

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