I d like to recommand Philippe Moisan for all the interesting spiritual ressources he possesses.
 - isamusojourno October 8th, 2012

Very Good. I want to recommend everybody. Some things about Mr. Philippe: I have written hundreds of articles at APSense, also dozens of RevPages. I create screencast videos to teach APSense features. I'm a part-time online marketer. I also work full-time as an interface developer for hospitals in the Quebec province. I'm married, we have 9-year-old twin boys. Ultimately, personal development is the niche where I want to build my main online business. I love reading, especially science-fi
 - pro5usa October 8th, 2012

Thanks Phillippe Moisan for all your help with Adsense. Your videos and comments are greatly appreciated!
 - bloomster4 October 2nd, 2012

As a newbie to APSENSE and affiliate/niche marketing I am finding Philippe's information,post, groups etc. invaluable. I hope I have the dedication and courage to continue because this can be overwhelming.
 - hothangef September 30th, 2012

I am "green" to APSENSE, niche marketing but eager to learn and thus far Philippe seems to a good educational resource with abn obvious better knowledge of APSENSE
 - hothangef September 28th, 2012

Philippe comes well recommended. I too recommend Philippe as a great connection on APSense
 - mcennimm September 26th, 2012

I highly recommend you connect with Phillippe for his diligent work he does in the way of member support. His videos are an excellent source for anyone new to Apsense to watch and learn how to utilize the site effectively. Plus he is a nice person as well.
 - san1091 September 22nd, 2012

Philippe's videos are a great help for many APSense members to find their way on APSense and APSense add-ons. They are easy to follow even for members that have an other native language than English. Keep up the good work Philippe.
 - webmiep September 16th, 2012

yes, Of course I will endorse you. You definitely know what you are talking about and you are very good at consulting and a great mentor. Kay
 - kayb August 1st, 2012

Philippe is a great leader here at Apsense and always willing to help anyone needing the help. He is well versed on all aspects of Apsense and I, for one, always come to Philippe first when I have an Apsense questions. Thanks for your leadership and your friendship, Philippe. Janet Legere
 - janetlegere July 29th, 2012

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