I've only recently been chatting with Philippe, so I wasn't sure if a recommendation was justified. But I want those 100 credits for my Daily Mission, so here it is. :) Seriously folks, Philippe is clearly an asset to APSense users. He is constantly adding informational and training material to help others and he is an advocate for the site. In the few chats that I've recently had, Philippe has shown me he is a pleasant, helpful, well-grounded man of high character. Okay, credits please ;)
 - chrisbailey March 17th, 2012

You know I have gotten to know Philippe over time now and I have to say that you will not find a more dedicated person out there - talking about someone that is passionate about what he's doing. He is always there to help and makes sure that he leaves a path of helpful tips, tricks, and educational videos along the way. It is a pleasure knowing Philippe and if you have not yet - you are really missing out.
 - wisgrandma March 16th, 2012

Philippe really knows his stuff when it comes to APSense and all the many ways to benefit from it! Really enjoy his videos that are precise & to the point! Have learned so many news things about APSense from Philippe! You should check him out!
 - jwls March 13th, 2012

Philippe is a great friend, he is writing very useful blogs and give great comments to other posts, everyone who has him as a friend is very lucky.
 - herbie49 March 12th, 2012

philippe is sharing a very good videos about internet marketing , i suggest that you check out his youtube channel
 - salim594 March 9th, 2012

Philippe's knowledge of Apsense and his dedication to helping people use the platform is amazing. I thought maybe he was a partner in the business lol Everyone can learn from his knowledge to make sure they use this platform to its fullest. I still look for his profile to see what more I can learn even though I have been around for a while I don't think I make the most of everything available, so thank you Philippe for keeping me on track.
 - dianecorriette March 9th, 2012

I've met Philippe in APSense. I know him to be a hardworking individual and I do admire his dedication to helping members know more and understand how to use APSense. He also makes excellent videos. He recently made one for my site, Winning Solos Text Ad Exchange. The video is very well done. I follow Philippe's posts as I find them truly informative. I keep learning more important stuff about APSense that can truly help me in my online marketing efforts.
 - raincrystal March 7th, 2012

Professionalism is second to none in online marketing and service. He is "in the know" while being an incredible resource, and an all around great person! I recommend him to change the course of their business
 - lavernea March 3rd, 2012

Philippe Moisan is one of the great people here in Apsense he made a lot of good stuff that you will surely like. one more thing is he is very nice when talking to him, giving you what you need and provide some idea that he may know.. kudos to you friend!
 - marc07 March 3rd, 2012

Philippe Moisan, actually one of the best professionals with honest atitude and great skills around on the net. His extremely valuable informations and promotions are of immense value for any marketer. It is an honour to be connected with him. Thanks Philipe!
 - mwtgbc March 1st, 2012

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