Why Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is Not the Cause of Global Warming?

by Rudy P. SysAdmin at howtofindthemoney

Global warming lacks common sense. One molecule of carbon dioxide surrounded by 2,500 air molecules is not going to heat anything no matter what else happens. A small amount of something cannot heat a large amount of something. It would be like heating a brick building by heating one brick out of 2,500.

So fakes pretend that the heat is "trapped", which might mean that it accumulates, but it doesn't. All matter emits radiation constantly, and a transparent gas emits much more readily than an opaque surface.

There is nothing resembling a greenhouse effect in the atmosphere. A greenhouse uses a physical barrier of glass or plastic to prevent air currents from convecting and keeping out weather while letting radiation in. There is no such barrier in the atmosphere. Claiming a greenhouse effect in the atmosphere is a fraud designed for railroading fake science onto society.

The Stefan-Boltzmann constant says that matter emits 459 watts per square meter of infrared radiation at the normal room temperature of 27°C. That's one half of a table top emitting as much energy as five 100 watt light bulbs. Nothing resembling it is happening. Reduce the Stefan-Boltzmann constant by a factor of 40, and the calculated global warming reduces by a factor of 40.

At the cold, average temperature of the earth (15°C, 59°F), the energy leaving the surface of the earth is said to be 79% radiation, while the other 21% leaves through conduction, convection and evaporation. A white hot light bulb could not emit 79% radiation without a vacuum environment. The amount of radiation should be 1-3%, which indicates that the SBC is off by a factor of 40.

Carbon dioxide absorbs all radiation available to it as the radiation travels 10 meters in the near surface atmosphere, which is called saturation. Doubling the amount of CO2 shortens the distance to 5 meters. Shortening the distance is not increasing the heat. There is no global warming caused by greenhouse gases with saturation.

Another reason why there is no such thing as a greenhouse gas is because absorbed radiation is re-emitted in 83 femto seconds. Incompetents in science missed the re-emission.

Simultaneous emission and absorption means there is an equilibrium involved, not the additive effect that is being promoted with greenhouse analogies. With equilibrium, a small amount of something cannot heat a large amount of something without extreme differences in temperature, which is an impossibility in the atmosphere.

Promoters of human-caused global warming are failing to grasp how miniscule radiation is compared to other methods of heat transfer.

At the cold, average temperature of the earth (15°C, 59°F), it's about 2% radiation and 98% conduction, convection and evaporation that moves heat from the surface of the earth into the atmosphere. An erroneous Stefan-Boltzmann constant indicates that it is 79% radiation. A white hot light bulb could not emit 79% radiation without a vacuum environment.

Water vapor is said to be 100 times stronger of a greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide. It means carbon dioxide effects would disappear in the water vapor effects, if there were such things.

Another thing being missed is that air has no heat capacity. It cannot warm the oceans or melt glacial ice the slightest amount.

If all of the claimed 0.7°C heating of the atmosphere said to be caused by carbon dioxide went into the surface of the oceans to a depth of 100 meters (2.7% of the oceans), the ocean surface temperature increase would be 0.025°C, and none of the heating would be left in the air.

Melting glacial ice is even more preposterous, as it takes 80 times as much heat to melt ice as to warm water 1°C. Global warming does nothing to melt ice.

The actual heating due to carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is 240 trillionths of a degree centigrade (240 x 10-12 °C), when accounting for saturation.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is not science. It is designed by politicians for political purposes with the result being dictated by politicians.

The few scientists involved do no more than contrive scientific legitimacy where there is none. Any real scientists who get involved either quit in disgust or are kicked out for criticizing the process. Any who remain do not have enough respect for real science to be called real scientists.

Greenhouse gases were imagined since 1824, while real scientists put the fakery in its place. Only after incompetent power mongers overwhelmed real science in the 1970s could global warming errors be promoted.

All biology is on the verge of becoming extinct due to a shortage of carbon dioxide in the air which is needed for photosynthesis.

It's not possible to trap heat in the atmosphere

Conducting heat to nearby molecules increases the number of molecules radiating away the added heat. If 5 air molecules radiate away the added energy, while one CO2 molecule absorbs, the added energy is gone and the other 2,495 air molecules surrounding each CO2 molecule are not affected.

Trapping Heat

There cannot be a significant temperature increase in the atmosphere when 2,495 air molecules surrounding each CO2 molecule are unaffected by the process.

There is no such thing as a greenhouse gas

An absolute truism is that a small amount of something cannot heat a large amount of something without extreme differences in temperature which cannot occur in the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide is never going to influence the temperature of the atmosphere for this reason.

There are 2,500 air molecules surrounding each carbon dioxide molecule in the atmosphere. The CO2 would have be heated 2,500°C to create an average increase of 1°C throughout the atmosphere—an impossibility.


Most heat gets into the atmosphere through conduction, convection and evaporation, as wind blows over the surface. Only 1-3% of the energy is radiation from the surface of the earth.

Climatologists claim the energy is 79% radiation. White hot metals cannot produce 79% radiation without a vacuum environment. But a false Stefan-Boltzmann constant forced the absurd amount of radiation onto climatologists. Without that extreme error, global warming is divided by 40, which is nothing.

  • Every molecule emits radiation due to its vibrations.
  • A transparent gas emits more radiation than an opaque solid.
  • The Stefan-Boltzmann constant states how much radiation is given off from an opaque surface at any temperature.

Earth Radiation

How Climatologists Rationalize Their Claim

Climatologists do not consider these points. Instead, they do roundabout rationalizing using so-called radiative transfer equations to determine how heat flows through the atmosphere. Supposedly, radiative transfer equations show 3.7 watts per square meter radiation less leaving the earth than entering from the sun (1367 W/m²) upon doubling CO2.

There are no square meters in the atmosphere, but climatologists needed square meters to convert 3.7 W/m² into 1°C by reversing the Stefan-Boltzmann constant. Reversing the Stefan-Boltzmann constant is not valid, because it applies to radiation emitted from a solid surface, not from a three dimensional atmosphere. It means climatologists started at the desired endpoint of 1°C and contrived a method of getting there.

One square meter of the atmosphere (which does not exist) cannot emit the same amount of radiation as one square meter of the earth's surface upon being heated 1°C.

Secondary effects are said to triple the temperature from 1°C to 3°C upon doubling CO2 in the atmosphere. There is no such thing as secondary effects. Supposedly, original heating causes more water vapor to enter the air and absorb more radiation. If heating did that, every temperature increase would produce such compounding—an impossibility.

A basic error of climatologists is viewing the  Absorption Spectrumabsorption spectrum which shows a trough for CO2 as the definitive proof of CO2 heating the atmosphere, while not realizing that the energy is re-emitted at different wavelengths. The re-emitted energy blends with other radiation and is not evident in the absorption spectrum.

List of Proofs:

1. Heat cannot be trapped in the atmosphere.

2. Dilution of 2,500 reduces to nothing.

3. Claimed earth radiation of 79% is like white hot metals.

4. Air has no heat capacity for heating oceans or melting ice.

5. Fake temperature measurements conceal small amount of heating.

6. Calculations started at the desired end point to get fake results.

Explanations of Six Proofs



A wave of black body infrared radiation being emitted is stronger than a wave of fingerprint radiation being absorbed, which means radiation is emitted as fast as it is absorbed. All matter emits black body infrared radiation constantly. Otherwise, there would be nothing for carbon dioxide to absorb.

This miniscule nonresult must be divided by 2,500, because surrounding molecules dilute it that much. There are 2,500 air molecules surrounding each CO2 molecule when carbon dioxide is at 400 parts per million in the atmosphere. Therefore, to heat the air 1°C, each CO2 molecule would have to be 2,500°C—an impossibility.

This is why "heat trapping gas" had to be contrived as a propaganda statement. If the heat isn't trapped, it can't be spread to the other 2,500 molecules.

CO2 Absorption

Obviously, the air cools at night. Why would some of the heat be trapped while the rest cools?

Most heat gets into the atmosphere through conduction, convection and evaporation, not radiation. But physicists calculate the radiation using an erroneous equation called the Stefan-Boltzmann constant. It shows 20-50 times too much radiation at normal temperatures. So physicists assume 79% of the energy gets into the atmosphere through radiation. A white hot light bulb could not emit 79% radiation without being surrounded by a vacuum. The percent radiation being emitted from the surface of the earth should be 1-3% at such a cold temperature (15°C, 59°F global average).

Surface Energy

Global warming is such a preposterous assumption that reasonable scientists rejected the subject until recently. Now, science is so corrupt that global warming errors prevail. The claimed 97% agreement is total contrivance. Scientists are not allowed to express opinions in peer reviewed publications, where the fake 97% number was derived through guessing and then published as peer reviewed science. The breakdown used to be 50-50, and would still be, but critics of global warming are now getting shoved out of science, so they conceal their views. Science by terrorism shows who is producing the corruption.

All matter emits infrared radiation in proportion to its temperature due to molecules vibrating. Each vibration is a wave of infrared radiation being emitted. It's not a lot of energy, but the amount of fingerprint radiation absorbed by CO2 is even less.

Infrared radiation emitted by all matter is called black body radiation. The amount is determined by temperature, as supposedly indicated by the Stefan-Boltzmann constant. Eight percent of the black body bandwidth is absorbed by CO2.

Black Body Radiation Spectrum

All heat is the same. Why isn't it all trapped? Conduction, convection and evaporation put most heat into the atmosphere. It dissipates into space at the same rate it enters from the sun, called equilibrium. Claiming CO2 absorption is different is unscientific.

Incompetents in science imagined global warming and contrived unreal science to get there. Climate is too complex and random for the tools of science. The science is total fakery. Physics evolved toward fakery for the same reason. Physical effects are so abstract, complex and intertwined that physicists cannot unravel the complexities.

At the engineering level, you simply try to find repeatable patterns which allow products to be reproduced. So physicists take that approach. It might be called super engineering; but it is not science. To make it science, the unknowns are filled in with contrivance. Over time, the corruption gets compounded until it becomes an alternative to real science.

Real scientists do not go down the path climatologists follow pretending to measure complexities and randomness which cannot be measured. A measurement requires that all influences over the results be identified and separated from other influences. Climate has too many interacting complexities to do that.

For these reasons, there is nothing resembling real science to the subject of global warming. Science is a process, not a conclusion. Conclusions come out of a dark pit in global warming science. Fake procedures are claimed, with no explanation or logical purpose. Necessary scientific standards are defied in extreme ways attempting to contrive a subject without accountability.

Conservative critics of global warming have been saying that the underlying science is correct, but global warming is not occurring because of the effects of clouds. They haven't looked at the underlying science, because they don’t understand it. Their position has left society with no significant criticism of the basic science of global warming. As a result, criticism is brushed off claiming that it is disproven and needs to stop. Conversely, nothing has been shown to be correct in the science. The burden of proof should be on the scientists, not the critics.

One reason for this situation is that hired scientists cannot be significantly critical without being kicked out of science or being denied grants or the ability to publish. There is a long list of scientists who met that fate. (Firing Scientists) This practice alone is a major fraud upon the public. How can science (or anything else) be right, when no one is allowed to criticize it? Truth benefits from criticism. The opposition to criticism points to an unjustifiable position.

Criticism is stymied by an absence of validly published research. Research publications on climatology lack the necessary descriptions of methodology. Key information needed for evaluation is omitted in an attempt to obfuscate the subject. Without proper publications, the only way criticism can be produced is to draw upon 500 years of evolved knowledge and show that the conclusions are self-contradictory impossibilities.

Most scientists are not aware of the frauds at the origins of global warming science. Scientists are so specialized and wrapped up in their narrowly defined subjects that they cannot spend much time looking into the large amount of related material. It took me decades of detective work as an independent scientist to determine the nature of the frauds at the origins of global warming science.

A flat-earther is supposedly someone who can't understand that absorption of radiation means heat. Five hundred years of science has produced a lot more knowledge than that. After absorption, then what? These proofs explain the rest of the science.

Of the heat in the atmosphere, 99.76% gets there through other means than carbon dioxide. The remaining 0.24% is irrelevant. It will do whatever the other 99.76% does.  Read More 

Here are summaries of six proofs.

1. Trapping Heat

The term "heat trapping gas" is scientific fraud. Heat cannot be trapped, because it is too dynamic. It flows into and out of the atmosphere in femto seconds. Almost all heat leaves the earth from the atmosphere, not the ground.

All matter is constantly losing heat through radiation. Heat is vibration of molecules. Each vibration of a molecule in the air is a wave of radiation being emitted. There are typically 83 femto seconds per vibration (at 25 microns wavelength). About five vibrations removes absorbed radiation. Five vibrations occur in 415 femto seconds. That's half of a pico second. A half of a pico second for holding heat is not trapping heat.

The amount of heat entering from the sun during the day is the amount that leaves during the night. A miniscule amount is not going to get trapped while the rest radiates into space.

A jar of pickles absorbs radiation, but it doesn't heat the kitchen. If pickles don't trap heat in a jar, CO2 won't trap heat in the atmosphere.

The claim by some scientists that heat cannot enter the atmosphere without greenhouse gases is another fraud. Most heat gets into the atmosphere through conduction, convection and evaporation. It takes a few hours for the heat to be emitted into space, because radiation is extremely weak compared to conduction, convection and evaporation.

Re-emission of radiation does not result in a cold atmosphere, because this effect is miniscule and riding on top of normal temperatures created through conduction, convection and evaporation.

Absorbed radiation (fingerprint radiation) is weaker than emitted radiation (black body radiation), because 8% of black body radiation is fingerprint radiation for these conditions. Background Overwhelm

2. Dilution Factor

Climatologists skipped over the dilution factor. There are 2,500 air molecules around each CO2 molecule (400 parts per million CO2). Therefore, each CO2 molecule would have to be 2,500°C to heat the air 1°C—an impossibility. Fakes in science missed it by 2,499°C. There cannot be greenhouse gases creating global warming for this reason.

If a brick building has 2,500 bricks, heating one brick won't heat the building. In such dynamic systems rates of heat addition require proportionalities due to continuous change.

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