Why Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is Not the Cause of Global Warming? - Part 2

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3. White Hot Metals

The amount of energy given off by the surface of the earth is claimed to be 79% radiation and 21% conduction and vaporization. White hot metals could not emit 79% radiation under atmospheric conditions. The real proportion would be 1-3% radiation. Reducing the radiation by a factor of 40 would reduce the calculated global warming by a factor of 40.

4. Heat Capacity

The air has too little heat capacity to warm ocean water or melt Arctic ice. Twelve-year-olds were supposed to learn what heat capacity is, but physicists didn't.

To heat oceans with air requires a ratio of 3483 by volume for same temperatures. The heat capacity for air is 1.2 kj/m³/°C, while for water it is 4180 kj/m³/°C. To heat the oceans 0.2°C to a depth of 350 meters would require air losing 0.2°C to a height of 1,219 kilometers (at constant surface pressure). That's 100 atmospheres. The oceans cannot be heated by the atmosphere.

Melting ice with air is even more absurd, as an additional "heat of fusion" is required, which is 334 kj/kg, which is an additional 278,000 m³ of air per °C per m³ of ice. In other words, air in contact with ice sucks the heat out of the air with no effect upon the ice. With a small amount of ice and a lot of air, the cool air gets replace with warm air, but on a global scale, the replacing does not occur. It means ice melting has nothing to do with global warming.

The Arctic is warming due to warm Pacific Ocean water flowing over the Bering Strait, not a miniscule air temperature increase. With the recent El Nino, the northern Pacific Ocean is warming causing warm water to flow over the Bering Strait to heat the Arctic and melt Arctic ice.

5. Temperature Measurements are Fake

Not only are humans not the cause of global warming, a temperature increase did not actually occur. The temperature measurements were faked. The original data shows no temperature increase over the past 35 years at least, while contrivers lowered earlier measurements and increased recent measurements to show a false increase. Critics have been studying these fabrications for the past six years and found endless examples. Satellite measurements have shown no significant temperature increase since they began making such measurements in the late seventies. Only satellite measurements are suitable for the purpose of climatology, because they average over a wide area and cover everything, while land-based measurements cover about 10% of the earth and have no standards for cross-comparisons or uniformity.

6. Starting at the End-Point

For a mechanism, climatologists used radiative transfer equations to supposedly show 3.7 watts per square meter less radiation leaving the planet than entering from the sun due to carbon dioxide. There can never be a difference between energy inflow and outflow beyond minor transitions because of equilibrium, as climatologists recognize. Yet they claim the 3.7 w/m² is a permanent representation of global warming upon doubling CO2. This number is supposed to result in 1°C near-surface temperature increase as the primary effect by CO2. However, watts per square meter are units of rate, while rates produce continuous change, not a fixed 1°C. The 1°C was supposedly produced by reversing the Stefan-Boltzmann constant, but reversing it is not valid. (Secondary effects supposedly triple the 1°C to 3°C.)

It means climatologists started at the desired end point of 1°C and applied the Stefan-Boltzmann constant in the forward direction to the get the 3.7 w/m² attributed to radiative transfer equations. Radiative transfer equations cannot produce any such number, because radiation leaves from all points in the atmosphere with 15-30% going around greenhouse gases. That dynamic, combined with equilibrium, is beyond scientific quantitation.

All life is on the verge of becoming extinct due to a shortage of carbon dioxide in the air, which is needed for photosynthesis. The oceans nearly absorbed all carbon dioxide from the air 300 million years ago. In the nick of time, volcanoes replaced some of it, but they died down, and now the CO2 is almost gone again. carb.html

•  The planet is cooled by radiation which goes around greenhouse gases, not through them.

•  Changing weather is controlled by mysterious ocean effects, not greenhouse gases.

•  Temperature effects are not additive; they are in dynamic equilibrium.

•  The climate is too random and complex for scientific measurement of the claims being made.

•  Temperatures cannot be calculated, they can only be measured, which eliminates all claims of global warming science.

•  Real scientists determined a century ago, and ever since, that saturation precludes global warming by greenhouse gases. Alarmist scientists reduced saturation to irrelevance and contrived a result without it.

•  Global warming rests on fake calculations with radiative transfer equations to get around saturation. Saturation cannot be erased, as it is easily measured and precludes the whole subject of greenhouse gases creating global warming.

•  Calculations produce a fudge factor as the primary effect by CO2, and it is said to represent an unquestionable law of physics, even though the world's largest computers were needed to derive it, since it involved all of the complexities of radiation in the atmosphere, and then required additional modeling to account for clouds absorbing radiation.

    5.35ln2 = 3.7 w/m² = 1°C.

•  Temperature effects in the atmosphere are too complex to measure. Supposedly satellites measure atmospheric temperature, but they cannot overcome the complexities with depth in the atmosphere, and satellite measurements were not allowed to contradict thermometer measurements for near surface temperatures representing global warming.

Methane is not a Stronger Greenhouse Gas. It absorbs in a shorter distance, which does nothing to increase heat.

What is being called stronger is absorption of radiation in a shorter distance.

Methane Math. The molecules non-saturating molecules are spread so thin that they cannot produce heat. Simple math shows 0.85 mm between each CO2 molecule which supposedly adds heat, and 26 mm (one inch) between each methane molecule which adds heat. There are 4 million air molecules between each of such CO2 molecules.

Temperatures are Fabricated. There is no global warming.  temp graphTemperature measurements were manipulated to show a false increase. Satellite measurements showed very little increase but were manipulated to support fabricated land-based measurements.

There was an effect between 1980 and 1998, but it was oceans warming, not the atmosphere. Warm oceans increased precipitation. Now, oceans are cooling back down, and droughts are the result.

The claim of 97% of scientists agreeing is total fraud, mainly because any scientist who disagrees is not allowed to get grants or publish. (See How the Firing Works) It shows the coercion and intimidation in science. Then the supposed determination of 97% was totally subjective, as no scientists make such a claim.

Warming around the Arctic is cyclic due to warm ocean currents flowing over the Arctic. It lasted for 20 years, and now the Arctic is freezing back up.

"Delicate balance" is total stupidity. There is an immense shortage of CO2 in the air for plant growth. Photosynthesis evolved on 20 times as much CO2. Who could survive on one twentieth the nutrients they evolved on.

Volcanoes put 2.3% as much CO2 into the air as humans every year (gov source). If CO2 could accumulate, the volcanic amount in 43 years would equal the human amount for one year. Volcanoes have been doing it for 5 billion years, and humans for only 150 years. The supposed total amount of human accumulation (240 GT) is put into the atmosphere by volcanoes every 1,200 years. See Delicate Balance Fraud

Where does the volcanic CO2 go, if the human amount accumulates? If it is acidifying the oceans, why didn't volcanoes acidify the oceans many times over? See Acid in the Ocean Fraud

Some Data

"Total human CO2 emissions primarily from use of coal, oil, and natural gas and the production of cement are currently about 5.5 GT C per year (giga tons of carbon per year). A recent update says 8.6 GT.

"To put these figures in perspective, it is estimated that the atmosphere contains 780 Gt C; the surface ocean contains 1,000 Gt C; vegetation, soils, and detritus contain 2,000 Gt C; and the intermediate and deep oceans contain 38,000 Gt C, as CO2 or CO2 hydration products. Each year, the surface ocean and atmosphere exchange an estimated 90 Gt C; vegetation and the atmosphere, 100 Gt C; marine biota and the surface ocean, 50 Gt C; and the surface ocean and the intermediate and deep oceans, 40 Gt C."

Notice that the oceans exchange ten times as much carbon with the atmosphere as humans produce (90GT vs. 8.6 GT). Exchange means regulation. And humans only add 1% as much CO2 to the atmosphere per year as already in it. If such a miniscule amount were as critical as propagandists claim, all life would have been destroyed long ago. Nature hasn't been sitting on a 1% knife edge for millions of years.

Source: Nov79

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