Where to Find Easy to Miss Materia in Final Fantasy 7 Remake

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Square Enix has brought back a remake of their popular game of the 90s, Final Fantasy VII. The remake has arrived recently and is attaining positive reviews from gamers across the globe. The game features several exciting aspects, and one of them is the Materia aspects.

Gamers who have already started playing the subsequent game has collected various Materia in their sack. However, some of the Materia such as Deadly Dodge are hard to collect, thus in the virtual world of Fantasy VII, they are known as easy to miss Materia. There is a total number of 11 Materia in the world of Final Fantasy VII that is easy to miss by the gamers. In this blog, we are going to share a specific guide to find all of them to favor the gamers.

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About Materia

Before proceeding towards the guide, let us first brief our gamers about Materia aspect. They are glowing balls generally round in shape that permits the players to include skills, abilities along with spells in their game. They are small in size and are hidden at specific spots alongside some of them have the ability to win boss battles for the players. Thus, it is necessary for gamers to obtain all the vital Materia in Final Fantasy VII.

1. HP Up

The subsequent Materia is in purple color and lies in Chapter 2 of Final Fantasy VII.  It is protected by several minions orientated on Medgar’s street. Gamers need to knock down all the minions deployed out there to grab the HP Up.

2. Auto Cure

The subsequent Materia will favor the gamers to resurrect their lives in Final Fantasy VII. As we know that the game’s objective will inflict a lot of damage to the gamers. Thus, they need a spell to heal them. Gamers need to purchase Auto Cure from Chadley, and if the gamers complete a few of his works, then he will sell subsequent Materia to the gamers at a low price.

3. Cleansing

The following Materia is beneficial in reducing the effect of a poison; thus, it saves the money of players by not purchasing the antidotes. Materia will also reduce the effect of Esuna through a specific spell cast. Gamers can easily purchase this vial Materia from the Item Store.

4. Ice

The subsequent Materia lies in Chapter 3 of Final Fantasy VII, where gamers can find it in the slums of Sector 7. Gamers need to visit the mentioned location, and there requires to locate a specific cave. The Materia is hidden inside the cave, and players will obtain it for free.

5. The Church

The following Materia can be easily found by the gamers in Chapter 8 of the Final Fantasy VII. It is in yellow color, and players can obtain it for free through the church.

6. Revive

The following Materia is one of the most vital ones in the world of Final Fantasy VII. As it can resurrect the life of players without utilizing Phoenix Down. Thus, it will save money for the players as it is available for free. Gamers will find Revive Materia in Chapter 4, where it lies in the Plate Edge region of Sector 7.

7. Luck Up

The gamers can put their hands on the subsequent Materia for free. All they need is to throw darts on the Seventh Heaven. Once the gamers throw a dart at a specific spot, then they will get Luck Up Materia as a reward.

8. Magnify

This one again is one of the best Materia after Revive, and gamers will find it in Chapter 9 of Final Fantasy VII. The subsequent Materia is hidden on the backside of placed containers; gamers need to locate it at the backside of it. The Materia is beneficial in casting various types of spells.

9. Chocobo and Moogle Summons

Gamers can easily put their hands on the subsequent Materia by navigating it in Chapter 4 and Chapter 6 of Final Fantasy VII. Gamers need to locate the subsequent Materia inside ventilation fans of both the chapters. However, it is a prior step to tun off the sunlamps before accessing ventilation fans.

10. Fire

Gamers will find the Fire Materia inside the Factory of Nuisance, and the best chance to grab it is in the quest of Nuisance in the Factory.

11. Elemental

Gamers need to locate the Elemental Materia in Chapter 6 of Final Fantasy VII. Gamers need to go to the Sunlamp region, thereafter, requires to go to the cargo area. After that, they need to take the very first ladder down and then requires to slain the foes encountered over there. Thereafter, they need to utilize the control panel of the platform and requires to set it to beneath walkaway. The subsequent Materia placed on the following platform.

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