Final Fantasy 7 Remake: How to Win from The Scorpion

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Square Enix has made a remake masterpiece which is Final Fantasy 7 Remake. The original Final Fantasy 7 was released in 1997. Due to the delay of the game currently, Final Fantasy 7 Remake is rolling out, and fans are playing it but also waiting for the original to release soon. Final Fantasy 7 is one of the most famous Japanese RPG games of the gaming industry, and that is why developers decided to relaunch it with advanced and better visual graphics with some new characters. Demo is just for taking the idea of how the game will be and its experience. There is no doubt it's up to the mark level of the game already in the category of the gold standard of the game.

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The experience of the demo game is ultimate, and from this, you can imagine how fantastic the original version of the game will be when released. There are various enemies, and the boss exists in the game that does not make it an easy game from any side. Real-time action makes no task easy; neither makes no boss simple. The Scorpion is a dominant boss in the game, and in order to defeat him, there is a guideline that you need to follow.

Attacking Pattern and Ways of The Scorpion in Final Fantasy 7 Remake

The Scorpion has multiple patterns of attacks to damage their opponent. Most of the attacks of The Scorpion are instant that doesn't allow the player to even react to it. In order to avoid those attacks and defeat The Scorpion, you should read it.

Electrostomp - The Scorpion is a giant boss that lifts its front two legs, and suddenly slams them on the ground to flood the electricity.

Overkill - after spending too much time in battle and damaging The Scorpion, in the last phase of the fight, The Scorpion will start making high attacks randomly in its specific range. To avoid the attacks of The Scorpion, you need to guard yourself or dodge the attacks.

Target Scanner - Huge and deadly red laser attack is also can kill you if The Scorpion locks its mark on you. The Scorpion scans and target the enemy and then focus on one to shoot the red laser on its target.

Tail Laser – Tail of The Scorpion, is no ordinary tail, it charges up its tail to release deadly ray of the laser. To release the laser, The Scorpion charges it for a couple of seconds. To avoid this attack, you should take cover behind the debris until The Scorpion wrecks it.

Mark 99 Launchers - Deadly barrel missile will launch on you once The Scorpion marks its target on you. These missiles are way too destructive, but you can avoid them by moving behind The Scorpion.

Mark 98 Cannons - On The Scorpion's main arm fully loaded gun that shoots after the target is locked. You can save yourself from getting hurt by guarding or dodging this attack.

Tail Swipe - The Scorpion has a massive tail behind it and getting hit directly can cause much damage. Try to avoid it from a direct hit.

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Thunder - Your teammate cloud will guide you that with thunder attacks will deal more severe damage to  The Scorpion Sentinel. You just need to keep following the guide that your teammates say to you. Thunder spells of Barret of consuming 5MP, and in order to destroy The Scorpion Sentinel, It's vital to use thunder often. Just focus on the shield of your enemy because guard will save and consume the thunder you release.

Staggered - When you give enough damage to The Scorpion Sentinel, it will not be the same as before in attacking. The Scorpion will become staggered, and it will stop moving and also will stop attacking. In this situation, every attack will damage The Scorpion more effectively. It is the best time when your opponent is staggered.

Field Generators - The Scorpion, can shield its body, and while the battle with you, it will activate its green marking defensive shield to keep its body covered from any attacks. at the time of defending you need to mark the field generator and then attack it from the backside of The Scorpion Sentinel to blow down its tail.

Punishing – Your teammate cloud is way more effective against The Scorpion Sentinel at the time of Punishing mode. You just have to switch to Cloud and then use its Punishing mode to deal with more severe damage. Great thing is that Cloud automatically activates its cloud mode after dodging the magic attacks of The Scorpion Sentinel. You need to switch to Cloud multiple times while battling with The Scorpion.

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