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Final Fantasy 7 Remake draw Tifa, Aerith, and Cloud to location Train Graveyard. In the train Graveyard, there is a final boss that players need to defeat to move to the next location. Final Fantasy 7 Remake added various types of boss, enemies and characters to the game where some are new, and some are old. Final Fantasy 7 Remake is definitely an epic game, and its RPG concept is unique. With great abilities and combat attacks, team battle with bosses looks way more interesting and deadly. In the Train Graveyard, there is a final boss exist that player needs to defeat. Shinra is taking its plan further to kill numerous innocent people, and that is why players need to reach there as soon as possible. To do that, players need to walk through Train Graveyard by fighting with Eligor.

How to Win from Eligor in Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Before getting into the battle, check the items that you equip and don’t forget to have Ice Materia before entering into the battle. Eligor is equipped with huge defenses that are hard to tackle, which is why having Ice Materia is necessary. Eligor will charge itself several types so when this happens just switch to Cloud and use its punisher mode to tackle that move and keep dodging the attacks to be safe.

In the second phase, Eligor will begin to fly in the air and then physical attacks won’t be effective. At that time use Aerith and use the normal attacks to deal some damage. Aerith is the only character that can make attacks without the requirement of MP. Attacks of other characters will not work on Eligor, and that is why don’t try to use them when your enemy is in the air. After some time Eligor comes to the ground back on the back of cargo container at the center on the level. Try to dodge that attack of Eligor and keep attacking.

During the time of final phase attack on weak spots, Eligor will keep using its attacks on the ground through its weapons. Still, in that condition, Cloud is the best option you can use by utilizing its punisher move against the enemy. Punisher attacking mode is the best mode that can deal serious damage to the enemy, which is why whenever you get the chance to attack, just use Cloud and its attack. Use healing attacks for healing the teammates during the battle. While using the punisher moves on the enemy, it is mandatory to use aware because the enemy can predict the move and if enemy hit Cloud twice, it can knock end up knocking. So try to don’t get any hit from the enemy and keep attacking the wheel. Aerith can keep attacking the wheel to keep damaging the wheel from maintaining a specific distance. Cloud and Tifa will defeat the Eligor with their moves and then Aerith will have a backstory through a cutscene.

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