Final Fantasy 7 Remake Demo: How to Beat the Final Boss

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The demo version of Final Fantasy 7 Remake is here and most of the players are already reached at the final level boss. Currently, Final Fantasy 7 Remake demo is for 30-40 minutes, and more will come when the full version comes out. Final Fantasy 7 Remake demo version is played by numerous gamers, and among those players, some of them are facing difficulty in defeating the final opponent. Every boss available in Final Fantasy 7 Remake is unique, and to beat the final boss, there is a procedure that players have to follow.

How to defeat the final boss of Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Be Prepared – It’s a fact that before getting in any fight, you have to be fully prepared. In Final Fantasy 7 Remake, you have to be totally prepared because the final boss is not that easy to defeat. Keep the healing items with you and get into the battlefield with your health full. Smash up the Chest boxes to get some magical things for attack and defending. Potions are essential during the battle with the boss. It’s okay if you have a significant number of potions, but if not, then try to have a good collection of it.

Lighting – Phase One

Your final boss will be Sentinel, and when he appeared on the battlefield, you need to switch to the Barret. Most of the fight with Sentinel will place with Barret. The first phase means that your boss will be tough, but he will not use his full potential in the battle. In the first phase, use your magical power and spell to give damage. In the spell section, use lighting thunder spell against that machine. Thunder deal great damage to Sentinel and keep it doing at three times to give it enough harm.

Sentinel will jump on the wall after getting enough damage. Jumping on the wall will give you some of the time to heal yourself, and in that situation, don’t try to shoot him because it’s not gonna work. Apart from the lighting attack, you can use your Steelskin ability to provide some great damage. This ability will save you from getting damaged, and you will not knock out easily from its guns and rocket attacks.

Overshield – Phase Two

If you aren’t fully prepared for the battle, then face two could cause some problems for you. The cloud is useful in the second phase. Cloud has an advantage with his fire abilities because the field generator is the only sensible thing that can affect Sentinel, and the cloud can make it happen. Use cloud and activate overcharge power to affect the generator to damage the boss. While fighting with Sentinel, keep the cloud fill with potions and use it on the generator.

After you knock entirely down the generator, use a lighting spell on Sentinel twice. If your first lightning shoots up to the mark, it could hurt that machine much. While doing all these things, switch to the cloud again and activate his “Punisher Mode” for the final moves of this phase. Wait for your opponent to be unsteady and use your attack for massive damage rate. With this, your phase two will be over now you have to handle the third phase.

Blue Beams – Phase Three

Reaching three phases would take time, but it’s not the end you are looking for. After the end of phase two, Sentinel will jump on the roof again, and they’re just shooting rocket and guns to fall debris for your covering. Sentinel will not stop, and it will start firing blue lasers. Blue lasers are deadly, but the debris that falls down can save you from the beam. Fall behind the first debris to avoid the laser attack and then switch to Barret. Activate your Steelskin ability and restore MP if your ATB bar is filled. Use your lighting and fire of cloud will be much affective against Sentinel. Save yourself from the laser and use your combination attack at least two-three times to damage the boss.

Legs – Phase Four

It is the final phase you need to pass, and here are most of the things that are clear. After all, these attacks Sentinel will be exhausted, and now you have to attempt your combat attack against it. In the body of Sentinel, you need to attack both legs and body. The body of Sentinel will now affect more than before, so use your Punisher Mode and make some great moves on the legs of the boss. It will be the final level of Sentinel ending, and that is why if you can use multiple moves, then you can use it. Try to attack with effective combat moves on the legs.

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