What is the link between endometriosis and infertility?

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Endometriosis is a medical condition that is often painful and the tissue normally lines inside the uterus develop outside. It commonly involves in fallopian tubes, varies or in the pelvic area. Normally, it may occur in lower abdomen due to which one may experience pain during the periods and sexual intercourse. In certain cases, females with endometriosis may not feel or notice any of the symptoms and might be unaware of the condition. Around 3% to 10% of females of reproductive age are affected by this condition. It can truly be diagnosed by the doctor when they perform a laparoscopy. 

It is a surgery through which a doctor can look in the abdomen with a camera through the belly button. It is seen that endometriosis is rarely found in the girls before their menstrual cycle starts. Now the question is how endometriosis is linked with infertility? Endometriosis involves the growth of tissue outside the uterus where it may grow in tubes, ovaries or pelvic organs. If it develops or grows in fallopian tubes then there are the chances of bursting or damage. Additionally, the presence of tissue can stop uniting an egg and sperms which ultimately give birth to infertility. If you face this condition then thankfully endometriosis treatment can help you. 
In order to treat endometriosis, it is necessary to figure out the endometriosis symptoms. However, it is a long term or we can say a chronicle condition whose symptoms may vary from person to person. In some cases, females may not detect a single sign but they can be suffering from endometriosis. The most common signs of this condition include heavy or painful periods, pain while having sex, bleeding between the periods. The most common sign is difficulty in getting pregnant. Many females with endometriosis can experience discomfort or pain between hips or top of their legs. Moreover, ladies also notice irritation when they going for the toilet. The sternness of symptoms is based on the location of the tissue rather than its size. At times, the small size of tissue can be dangerous than of larger one. 
The endometriosis causes are not fully known but some experts think retrograde menstruation can create this condition. In this state, menstrual blood with cells travels back through tubes and goes out into the pelvic cavity where cells stick to the organs. Additionally, genetics can also play a role if you have endometriosis. If your family member has this condition then you are more likely to get this. Some females with endometriosis can also have an immune system disorder. But the experts are not sure whether it is a reason or effect of endometriosis.
You need to consult your gynaecologist if you notice endometriosis symptoms or experiencing difficulty in getting pregnant. When you consult a doctor, you may need to go through various things to determine endometriosis including ultrasound exam, pelvic exam, laparoscopy, MRI or biopsy. Undergoing this process will help you to detect the condition and immediate medical help will be provided.
Endometriosis is a chronicle issue that can affect you for a long period. However, there is no exact cure for endometriosis but it can be treated surgically or symptoms can be managed through medication. Your doctor may suggest you over the counter medicines if the symptoms are manageable. These medicines will help you to lower down the pain. If these medicines do not work in your case then you should consult a doctor on an immediate basis. Apart from this, hormonal therapy is also recommended by your doctor to minimize the amount of estrogen in the body. 
In some cases, your doctor may recommend surgery for removing endometriosis. At times, surgery can help in increasing the chances of pregnancy as the symptoms are improved. If your condition is severe then hysterectomy is attempted to remove uterus, ovaries or cervix. It is normally the last option when nothing works. Resolving endometriosis can help you to increase your chances of getting pregnant. If you still face issues in conceiving then assisted reproductive techniques (ART) can help you. It consists of various treatments like IVF, IUI, ICSI (male infertility) and many more. Early Consultation with the doctor will help you to get appropriate infertility treatment.   

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