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Endometriosis is at times painful situation where the endometrial tissue grows outside the uterus rather than inside. It can hit any women irrespective of age or race. Around 30% to 40% of females are suffering from endometriosis and facing infertility. Some women with this issue may experience severe pelvic pain while others who are experiencing may not find any symptom. Nothing is simple about endometriosis as there is no exact cure for this problem.  In some cases, this issue can affect a female’s ability to reproduce, work etc. Even, it can make conceiving difficult for a woman in many cases. It does not mean that a female cannot get pregnant but it may create an obstruction in having a baby. However, this issue not fully curable though it can be manageable with medication. There may different forms or types of endometriosis such as Adenomyosis, deep infiltrating endometriosis, upper abdomen, adolescent endometriosis etc. However, the path of getting pregnant for a female with endometriosis is different. In many cases, females may get pregnant without any medical help. On another side, female struggling with endometriosis need to take help from a doctor.  It will uplift their chances of conception in an effective manner. However, proper knowledge can help a couple to cope up with this issue and enjoy the parenthood. 

What are the symptoms of endometriosis? 

The common endometriosis symptoms are pelvic pain which often occurs prior to or during the menstrual periods. In many cases, this pain can be experienced other time also. The body conditions of every individual are different. However, the symptoms may vary person to person and based upon the location of endometriosis. Following symptoms are mentioned below: 
Painful intercourse: Whenever a couple has sex and female partner facing the issue in the deep abdomen. It may be a sign of endometriosis as it causes pain. 
Pain in urination or bowel movements: A female may experience these kinds of pain at the time menstruations. When the bowel and bladder are harshly affected by this problem, pain can be felt during the menstruations. 


There are various endometriosis treatments available where surgery is possible, but it is accepted when other treatments do not remain fruitful. Apart from this pain medication are given by the doctor so that it can help in painful menses. In many cases, surgery is done to remove the areas of endometriosis. There are some complementary or alternative treatments are available that may include acupuncture and herbal medication. Female with endometriosis can avoid caffeine so that pain can be reduced. In addition to this, exercise can also help in lowering down the pain and can also help in balancing hormones. However, monitoring the symptoms of endometriosis is necessary because it may create problems in long term. 

In order to manage pain, dietary steps are also remaining helpful in case of endometriosis. It is seen that dietary choices are interlinked with the development of endometriosis. Whereas, dairy products can reduce the risk of endometriosis, though this is not statistically proved. But eating yogurt and finding a good source of probiotics can enhance digestive activities. 


If female suffering from endometriosis, then she may face difficulty in getting pregnant. If a female having endometriosis and still not conceived with unprotected and regular intercourse for more than a year. There are the chances she may be experiencing infertility issues with related to endometriosis. But there is hope for the ladies having endometriosis and still can have a baby but it may take some longer time. There is no exact cause found that can tell us what endometriosis cause affects fertility. Females having extensive endometriosis, blocked fallopian tubes may occur due to scarring or issues in realizing eggs. Infertility caused due to endometriosis can be treated with the help of surgical process or assisted reproductive techniques. There is no particular reason is found between endometriosis and infertility. But in many cases undergoing surgery or ART can help a female to conceive easily. At last, endometriosis is needed to be diagnosed on time so that it will not increase. If not treated early then it can be serious in some conditions. Timely consultation will help the patient to manage the effect of endometriosis in an effective manner.  

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