Miscarriages: A form of infertility

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A mother wishes and does her best to keep her baby safe and healthy. But, unfortunately, some female face loss of pregnancy or miscarriage. A miscarriage is the loss of a fetus or an embryo prior to the 20th week of pregnancy.  In terms of medical, it can be understood as a spontaneous abortion. The researches have shown around 15% to 20% of pregnancies ends in the loss of pregnancy or miscarriage. In 80% of miscarriage cases, the pregnancy loss happens within the three months of pregnancy. If a miscarriage occurs after 20 weeks then it is termed as a late miscarriage. In many cases, the causes of miscarriage are unknown or cannot be defined. But it is always better to take proper action so that the issues can be solved. Having an idea about this condition can reduce the risk of miscarriage and keep unborn baby healthy. Most of the females doubt how to find out whether their unborn baby is safe or not. However, if a female face bleeding after getting pregnant then this is the sign of pregnancy loss. Apart from this, there are the chances if a women experience abdominal pain or cramp then it is also an indication. If a female experience these indications then she needs to contact her doctor as soon as possible.
What are the causes of miscarriages? 
Following the causes of miscarriage are explained underneath: 
Hormonal problems: When it comes to hormone issues, females take it lightly but it can enhance the chances of miscarriages. If the production of progesterone is small in amount then it may increase the chances of pregnancy loss. For a successful pregnancy, progesterone is important. It will assist in proper implantation of the embryo in the uterine lining. However, inadequate amount of progesterone may not take place the implantation process properly. In case of low progesterone level, a fertility expert may suggest progesterone supplements and other miscarriage treatments. 
Collagen vascular diseases: The collagen vascular disease may affect a female in the first three months of the pregnancy. In this situation, the immune system itself starts attacking its own organs. As a result, antibodies will be produced by the body against own tissues. Although, this disease can easily find out with a blood test. Once the disorder is found out, the doctor will immediately be able to initiate the required treatment prior to the occurrence of ant pregnancy loss. 
Smoking and stress: This is another miscarriage causes due to which a female get affected. The investigation has revealed that smoking raises the risk of pregnancy loss and the chances of an ectopic pregnancy. On contrary, too much stress can affect the health of a woman, especially during pregnancy. Studies have shown a relation between miscarriages to stress. But there is no exact result has been found. When a female takes the pressure and excessive stress in mind then it can affect her health.
Endometriosis: It is a situation where the inner uterine lining grows outside the uterus. In the present era, it has become a very common disorder that interferes with woman fertility. It was considered that female suffering with endometriosis can become pregnant and it will not affect the pregnancy. But the studies shown due to endometriosis miscarriages can occur. 
Issues with immunity: In woman’s pregnancy immunity plays a crucial role. If the immune system will be strong then it will safeguard from various infections and bacteria. However, if the immune system is not strong then it can enhance the chances of miscarriages because the immune system will not be able to take care of fetus. 
Uncontrollable diabetes: During pregnancy, it is important to maintain the sugar level. The human body’s fuel is glucose therefore efficient working of the system requires insulin. If the sugar level increases then it may result in different complications like birth defects, miscarriages etc. 
The above-mentioned causes of miscarriage can help a female to create awareness towards the same. In the case of continuous miscarriages, one needs to consult the best fertility experts to take appropriate action. If a specific problem is identified with the help of test then treatment options can be adapted. At times, treatment of the mother’s illness can improve the possibilities of successful pregnancies. 

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