PCOS and Infertility - What is the Link?

by Wellspring IVF Ahmedabad Fertility Clinic in India

The relationship between PCOS and infertility is a strong, though largely unexplained link. PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) is an endocrine disorder affecting as many as 10% of all women, in varying degrees.

The basis of PCOS is unclear and the symptoms vary in nature and severity. PCOS appears to have its origins in an endocrinal, or hormonal, imbalance which leads to the misfiring of numerous processes in the female ovary. These misfires can result in infertility, and may also contribute to additional related conditions.

The central physical feature of PCOS is the effect on a woman's ovaries. The ovary is the egg-producing organ of a woman's body. In a normal ovary, egg-containing follicles within the ovary expand and fill with fluid. Once the follicle is of a mature enough state, it bursts open, releasing the egg and setting it adrift into the fallopian tube to be fertilized or, in most instances, simply unused and eliminated from the body. A PCOS ovary fails to complete this cycle.

An ovary affected with PCOS will still contain egg follicles, however the follicles may fail to fill with fluid, the follicle may fail to mature, or the follicle fails to burst and release the egg. In all these instances the follicle remains within the ovary, scarring over and forming a cyst. It is not known if these resulting cysts contribute to PCOS, encouraging further failures.

The cysts are, however, symptomatic, and are the most conclusive indication of PCOS in a woman. PCOS and infertility are also linked through this symptom. Every encysted follicle represents an egg that never attained the opportunity to be fertilized.

There are currently a number of treatments on offer for PCOS. Most begin with management of the related symptomatic conditions. Emphasis is placed on weight control and healthy eating, regular exercise, diabetes treatments for insulin, and associated approaches. By adapting lifestyle choices to improve the associated conditions it is believed that the PCOS itself can be improved.

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