What is the Causes of Acid Reflux?

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Causes of Acid Reflux

There are millions of people who suffer from acid reflux daily, you are unaware of the Causes of Acid Reflux. Instead, most people rely on prescriptions or over-the-counter medications for temporary relief. To correct any problem you have, you must first know what are its causes, symptoms and signs. Heartburn or acid reflux may be considered as a defect characterized by irregular reflux or the diffusion of gastric contents into the stomach into the stomach causing severe signs and mucosal damage. Thus it occurs because one of the two closures or "sphincters" in the gulal cannot remain closed after food or liquid consumption and the contents are usually inserted into your larynx and pharynx instead of your stomach.

Realizing the causes of acid reflux may mean that a simple anatomy is required. When food enters the stomach, it goes through the esophageal sphincter. The esophagus sphincter then stops, allowing digestion to take place. Occasionally, certain foods and conditions can cause the esophageal sphincter to weaken or pressure it which keeps it open. When this happens, the contents of the stomach or stomach juices are able to rise back up through the esophageal sphincter. These are the true causes of acid reflux.

LES is a muscle located at the very bottom of the esophagus where the esophagus connects to the top of the abdomen. A normally functioning LES prevents food and stomach acids in the esophagus and finally in the trachea or "windship". Reflux occurs when the LES malfunctions and allows the contents of the stomach to return to the esophagus.

Acid that damages the back or "reflux" because the lining in the esophagus is very fragile and is not designed to withstand the caustic effects of stomach acids. This is what most sufferers experience.

There are many factors that can cause LES malfunction such as stress, alcohol, smoking, diet, overeating and to name a few foods. If any of these sound familiar, try to eliminate them from your lifestyle to help protect the LES from spoiling.

Now that we have covered some of the Causes of Acid Reflux, let's focus on some symptoms and signs.

There are many factors that can trigger reflux in a person. Some people have many things that can trigger it and others have less. However, there are several factors that are most common in victims. The following list contains common signs and symptoms:

Nausea and or regurgitation

difficulty swallowing


Pain in chest

Shortness of breath

Sore throat

Not everyone will experience these signs or symptoms, but there will be some reflux.

Who gets?

Unfortunately, anyone can have this common disorder. It is similar to the cold and can strike anyone at any age. It is more frequent than younger people, although recent studies have shown that it is becoming more prevalent in infants and children.

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