What Industry Needs a Standby Diesel Generator Set

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As the size of the traditional aquaculture industry continues to grow, it is necessary for companies to equip diesel generator sets as backup power suppliers for power outage. This will ensure that the diesel generator set provides the power required for the normal operation of all equipment during a short power outage.


Diesel generator set for traditional aquaculture industry


The necessary of equipped with diesel generator sets in traditional aquaculture industry.


The traditional aquaculture industry is mechanized from the processing of feed, breeding equipment and ventilation and cooling equipment, and the use of mechanical tools determines that the demand for electricity in the aquaculture industry can not be interrupted for one minutes. The most important thing for aquaculture enterprises in the breeding process is ventilation and cooling. In summer, the high temperature weather makes the relatively closed breeding workshops have higher temperature and higher temperature. Once all the equipment stops working, the high temperature and ventilation are not smooth. At this time, if there is no diesel generator set to provide the store to let the ventilation and cooling equipment continue to work, then the high temperature will cause the group to suffer from group death and injury. These losses are far more than the losses of diesel generator set. The cost is more. Therefore, the use of diesel generator sets as backup power sources by aquaculture companies must be considered. The aquaculture industry has a profit, but it has to be said that the risk is very high. The mechanized operation reduces the labor cost and increases the dependence on electricity. Therefore, the backup power supply must be considered in the initial stage of construction to ensure the normal operation of these mechanized equipment. . Diesel generator sets are the best choice as a backup power source, and aquaculture companies can choose the right generator set according to their own needs.


Star Hotels


The importance of star-rated hotels with diesel generator sets


As an important public place, the hotel will have a serious impact on the reputation of the hotel in the event of a power outage, especially for some star hotels. Although the possibility of power outages in the city network is small, no one can rule out such a possibility. This is why more and more star-rated hotels have begun to purchase diesel generator sets backup power sources in recent years. The following emphasizes that diesel generator sets are under. The importance of start hotel applications.


Tell everyone a real case, then you can understand the necessity of the hotel equipped with diesel generator sets. A star-rated hotel took on the wedding reception of two couples. On the day of the wedding, the bridegroom smoothly took the bride into the hotel and held a wedding ceremony on the first floor and the second floor. The two couples chose the wedding company to the cloth field. And all the details of the wedding have been done, but the hotel suddenly has a power outage, and the power outage hotel does not have a backup power source such as a diesel generator set to generate electricity, which led to the end of the wedding ceremony. .


I believe that through the above example, we already know the importance of star-rated hotels equipped with diesel generator sets. In fact, they are not just star-rated hotels. Most public places, such as shopping malls, cinemas, and residential areas, should be equipped with diesel power. The unit acts as an emergency power source to ensure the normal supply of electricity.


Service industry


Diesel generator sets are increasingly favored by the service industry


The diesel generator set is a power supply device that uses a diesel engine as the prime mover to drive a synchronous generator to generate electricity. It is a power generation device with quick start, convenient operation and maintenance, low investment, and strong adaptability to the environment. Recently, many service industry customers came to our company to purchase Cummins diesel generator sets. Many friends who don't understand the service industry will wonder why the service industry also needs to buy diesel generator sets. There is no production line production, and the demand for electricity is not very large. Why are the power generation equipment frequently purchased?


The service industry includes transportation, warehousing and postal services, wholesale and retail, residential services, accommodation and catering, and other industries, which are closely related to people's lives and ensure the normal operation of the economy. In our daily production and life, we often encounter power shortages, the government cuts power limits, and has to stop normal operations. Therefore, many companies will consider the issue of self-purchasing diesel generator sets, and this is also a particularly important issue.


On the one hand, some companies will take into account that the purchase of high-powered generators will increase the operating costs of enterprises; on the other hand, during the peak period of power consumption, occasionally several power outages, this is not a rare thing, however, during the power shortage period, enterprises The interruption of normal business due to power outage will bring more losses. If it is accumulated for a long time, the opportunity cost of the enterprise will be greatly increased, and the economic benefits of the enterprise will be greatly reduced. Therefore, it is imperative to purchase a generator set as a backup power source.


In the past, the staff once read such a report. The family had a sudden power outage at the hotel, but the hotel was not equipped with emergency power, so it was a pity that everyone had finished eating silently in the candlelight. In order to avoid similar situations, it is also necessary to equip the service industry with diesel generator sets, which is also a convenient means to indirectly improve the quality of service.



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