What does My Kundali Say about me?

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What does my Kundali say about me, or how astrologers predict our life seeing our Kundali, or how to read Kundali by Astrologer? These are a few common questions that many people think of when it comes to horoscope and birth chart prediction. If you too want to learn some important aspects of Kundali like predicting marriage, health astrologycareer astrology etc. So this is the right source to learn how to read Kundali.

In addition, subscribing to astrology consultation is another good way to learn the fundamentals of Kundali reading. Check out what those areas of Kundali that influence marriage are and how they interpret planetary positions in various houses in Kundali and a lot more.

How to Read Kundli by an Astrologer?

Kundali, Horoscope or Birth Chart are synonymous with each other. It is basically an astrology based diagram meant to predict the future, present and even past of a person. On the basis of Kundali, astrologers predict a person’s life events. For Kundali Matching, we need your date of birth, place of birth and time as well. For accurate reading, it is mandatory to provide correct birth information as minor discrepancies in this detail can affect the accuracy of Kundali.

If you meet an experienced astrology consultant, he will consider the birth details of the native along with the state and placement of various zodiac signs and planets in Kundali. Through the horoscopic chart, they analyze various planetary angles along with astrological positions of zodiac signs in Kundali as per the birth time of native and further predictions for various life aspects are based on these positions and angles.

To predict questions related to mental health, physical traits, finances, health prediction, addiction, spirituality, travel, career, marriage and relationship, and long term goals etc., the perfect astrological analysis requires the study of this Birth Chart. By consulting a good astrologer, you can find a thorough astrological online report or even voice report for proper understanding. All and all, we can say that reading Kundali is all about being familiar with Nakshatras, Planets and their virtues, various houses, dashas as these all contribute to fetching out the accurate answers of a native’s life.

Can Kundali Predict Marriage?

Absolutely! Kundali has all answers related to one’s marriage and all types of relationships. As said earlier, the Birth Chart or Horoscope covers every aspect of one’s life, it gives a proper emphasis on how your life partner will be? If you’ll live up to a good marital life or not? When will you get married? Also, if there is a chance of a broken marriage or divorce, these answers can be found from Kundali. All it needs is the analysis to be done by an experienced Vedic astrologer.

Knowing the importance of a Kundali in our life –

  • For matchmaking of two people for marriage, the majority of people in India firmly believe to match Kundalis. By matching Guna with Bride and Groom from horoscope, 80% marriages take place in India and other countries as well. Though in Hinduism, marriage based on Kundali matching is quite common, there are other religions around the world which keep faith in Horoscope matching for marriage.

As referred earlier, matchmaking is based on Gunas and there are a total of 36 Gunas from which a minimum of 18 Gunas are mandatory for positive matches. This Guna count tells the likelihood of a married life of bride and groom.

  • With Kundali, the astrologer can map the probable obstacles, challenges and opportunities that the native experiences in life. Also, Kundali has the power to narrate the level of challenges or issues waiting for you in your lifetime. By taking astrological remedies, the severity of problems or negative effects can be But, yes, the route definitely is hidden in our birth chart.
  • Kundali talks about one’s personality overall which includes habits, characteristics, prowess and limitations and has the answer of your true-self.
  • With Kundali, you can find answers about your career, long term goals like going abroad, temporary settlement or permanent settlement in foreign country, chances of government job, exam result, property prediction, career, education, life partner, marriage, delay in marriage, negativity in life and its reason and what not.

Thus we can conclude that Kundali is not just a written astrological book, but a mystery box that has answers to each and every query that you might be unaware of. Some questions that you have been struggling with for years could be answered if you consult a good astrology expert. A thorough review of the Natal Chart/Janam Kundli gives outstanding outcomes and makes life successful. So, get rid of problems in your life by connecting to a Vedic Astrology expert for consultation of your Kundali.

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