What is Prashna Kundali & How it Works?

by Kundan Jha kuldeep


Not everyone knows their birth date and time, sometimes it is just not possible for the parents to keep track of these. But Astrology do have a way for life analysis of the individuals who do not know their birth details or are not sure whether they are correct or not.

In situations like these, astrology makes use of Prashna Kundali. Of course, not every astrologer resort to this tactic. But it is still used widely.

What is Prashna Kundali?

In Hindi, ‘Prashna’ means Question and ‘Kundali’ means birth chart. So literally, the term prashna kundali, means birth chart of a question. In more detail, prashna kundali is basically the birth chart created based on the date & time when the individual asks the question.

Through the prashna kundali, one can know whether an event will occur or not.

Just like regular kundali, in this importance is given to:

ascendant sign of the native

every house and zodiac sign representations are entirely different

Prashna Kundali

The ascendant in prashana kundali represents the person who asks the question. The seventh house represents the subject matter about which the question is asked. The analysis is done on the basis of the planet that the ascendant represents. Hence, the astrologers take into everything into consideration when analyzing the ascendant of a kundali.To know which question is related to the planet, which looks at the planet ascendant in full view, it can be a question related to that planet or a planet which is strong in the horoscope, it can be a question related to that planet. One can know the reasons behind inner upheaval through prashna kundali. In prashna kundali, the question asked is seen in relation to the ascendant sign.

The zodiac sign in the ascendant house is the shadow of the questionnaire himself. The 7th house is also considered important in relation to the question. The nature of the question is derived from the planet in the ascendant house or from the planet aspecting the ascendant house.

The horoscope serves to indicate the path of happiness and sorrow in life. The prashna kundali provides meaningful information about the possible outcome of related to the question asked. Many times a horoscope is not available if it is unavailable, then due to lack of definite information about the time of birth, the prophecy would not be correct.

The Rules for Prashna Kundali

First House: happiness, age, caste, health, happiness and sorrow, body shape, etc. are seen from the 1st house.

Second House: money, family, gems and ornaments, speech, remembrance power, clothing gifts, imagination, second marriage, purchase, and sale, etc. are seen from the 2nd house.

Third House: younger sister, younger brother, servant, neighbor, artistic work, might, right ear, short journey, change of residence, etc. are seen from the 3rd house.

Fourth House: garden, field, medicine, house, ride, mother, mouth, water, real estate, false accusation, knowledge, heritage, father-in-law, etc. are seen from the 4th house.

Fifth House: children, womb, pregnancy, learning, wisdom, knowledge, arts, management, teacher, society, love, governance, etc. are seen from the 5th house.

Sixth House: disease, fear, enemy, maternal uncle, doubt, disease, disturbance, job, injury, competition, debt, quarrel with partner etc. are seen from the 6th house.

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Seventh House: marriage, woman or husband, love affair, lost item, business, transaction, dispute, sleeping, bedside happiness etc. are seen from the 7th house.

Eighth House: death, distress, woman’s wealth, age, loss by the enemy, quarrel, in-laws, past impediment, mental disturbance, addiction, etc. are seen from the 8th house.

Ninth House: Consider luck, religion, pilgrimage, guru, deity, long journey, virtuous deeds, father, foreign travel, charity, worship, grandchildren, mercy, etc. are seen from the 9th house.

Tenth House: business, profit, and loss from the state, position, promotion, mother-in-law, interference in politics, work style, office, prestige, etc. are seen from the 10th house.

Eleventh House: riding, food, clothes, friends, business, learning, elder siblings, left ear, mother-in-law’s wealth, daughter-in-law, etc. are seen from the 11th house.

Twelfth House: relocation, enjoyment, dispute, donation, expenditure, financial issues, imprisonment, debt, etc. are seen from the 12th house.

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