What Are the Benefits of Olive Oil for Our Hair and Skin.

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Did you know olive oil makes for an amazing asset for our skin and hair? Here are a couple of benefits that it can give them.

It goes without saying that all of us pretty much want a perfect skin and healthy and visibly shiny hair, do we not? This in turn makes us spend tons on various expensive treatments. If that doesn't seem to work, we decide to splurge on products available in the market which say that they might address a concern or two we might have! A lot of times these remedies or treatments do not end up working and you just end up wasting your money.

What we need to remember is that a few things that are already present in our pantry could pretty much work some amazing miracles without much effort.

Enter the power of olive oil! Olive oil for face and for the hair, when used in the right manner,  could end up producing some amazing results. Results which some of the most expensive products or treatments selcom can give. So how does this actually happen and what are the actual benefits that olive oil gives to our skin? Have a look!

Say no to wrinkles

You might think that wrinkles are something that appear only on elderly people. However, the truth is that anyone can develop wrinkles at any age due to many reasons. Olive oil is said to be amazing when it comes to easing out those wrinkles from your skin thus giving your skin an intensely smooth and flawless finish. When applied on a regular basis olive oil can actually help erase wrinkles very effectively.

If you ask how this works is basically due to the fact that olive oil has antioxidants and vitamin E in it. These two components are the ones that make sure you have a wrinkle free skin ASAP.  So what do all of you say to include olive oil in your daily skin care routine from now on? Yay or nay?


Is your skin the kind that no amount of moisturisers seem to be having an effect on? Maybe, now nourishing from within would be the best answer. If nourishment from within does not come, then no amount of expensive treatments or moisturizers are going to help you or your skin. The basic point of picking the best olive oil for skin is to make sure that you moisturize your skin from within as well as on the topical front.

If winters are especially harsh for your skin, then olive oil can very well moisturize your skin deeply. Not only that, the constant use of olive oil for the skin will also add an amazing glow to your skin. Apart from all this, olive oil is also known to help heal cracked knees and elbows. This in turn ends up decreasing the darkening that usually occurs in these areas.

Hello healthy scalp!

We are sure that to ensure that you have a healthy scalp and gorgeous hair, you might have used a number of products! However, the one thing we are very sure of is the fact that you would not have come across a product that has proven to be as beneficial for the scalp as olive hair oil has. By the simple process of heating some olive oil, letting it cool down to a like warm temperature and then massaging it onto the scalp, you could potentially end up reversing a lot of damage that might have happened to your scalp.

Once massaged into the scalp properly, you need to leave the olive oil overnight, in order to make sure that all the nourishment that it can offer gets absorbed into the scalp. In the morning, remember to shampoo your hair with a mild shampoo and rinse it twice if need be! Use regularly to ensure that your scalp turns healthier in no time.

Add shine and softness to your hair

Since we have already discussed the properties of olive oil when it comes to adding health and glow to your skin, the same property works for your hair too. However, this will only hold true when one uses it on a regular basis! Did you know that olive oil can actually make the most rough and dry hair shiny and smooth in the best way possible?

All you have got to do is to massage olive oil onto the scalp and leave it overnight. Do the same you did to achieve healthy scalp; wake up and wash your hair with a mild herbal shampoo and try to use this method at least once or twice in a week. The results will truly surprise you. 

Healthy nails

Brittle nails and dry nail beds a regular issue that you face? Well, this definitely is a common issue faced by many.  However, the good thing here is that simply using one ingredient, you can undo all that damage and say bye bye to such issues beautifully. If you are someone who likes to paint their nails on a regular basis using nail enamels, then the chances of your nails losing their natural colour and your nail beds becoming dry are high.

Extra virgin olive oil might just be your saviour in this regard. Massage your nails and nail beds with EVO and remember to leave it till it gets absorbed into the skin. Upon regular usage and application, this will put an end to brittle nails and make your nails grow healthier and stronger.

Olive oil is truly a miracle worker when it comes to your skin and hair and these are merely a few benefits that it yields. Use this amazing product to get to know of the many other benefits that it can help you with!

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