Olive Oil: It Can Do Wonders For Your Skin And Hair!

by Luessi Dino I am a Writer

When it comes to skin care, nothing but the best will do for you. If you think this way, then choosing olive oil can be a decision you are never going to regret. There are numerous benefits of olive for skin care and all over the world people are using this wonder oil for their skin and hair. From beautiful skin to gorgeous hair, it can be all yours for the picking. Here’s why olive oil can be a wonderful choice for your skin care routine.

It has a lot of Vitamins

Vitamins are wonderful for your skin and hair. Olive oil contains vitamins A, D, K and E. These are very beneficial for your skin and hair.

It is rich in Antioxidants

Olive oil skin care is great because it contains lots of antioxidants. Antioxidants are known to do a lot for age reversal which means that you may be able to welcome wrinkles a few years later than you would have normally. Using olive oil ensures that your skin and hair gets access to a rich source of antioxidants regularly.

It is a good Moisturiser

Everyone, no matter what age, needs moisturisation for their skin. Without moisturisation, the skin becomes dry and scaly. Even if you get acne on the skin, it is advisable to get some sort of moisturisation and that is where olive oil for face can work wonders. It is a great source of moisturisation that won’t cause breakouts. It may even help your skin fight acne by getting rid of the bacteria.

It makes the Skin Soft and Supple

Choosing the best olive oil for skin also has other advantages. It is going to make your skin soft and supple when used regularly.

It’s great for Hair

If you want to have beautiful and sleek looking hair, try using an olive hair oil. It is going to give your hair the nourishment it requires to grow thick and long.

Using Olive Oil for Skin Care

Olive oil is something that many people have at least one bottle of in their homes. Though olive oil is not traditionally used in Indian kitchens of yore, today many are making it a part of their lives. If you thought that it was just an ingredient to enhance foods, you may not have known about its skin care properties. Italians, the country that has traditionally fed on this wonder oil for centuries, are known for their fabulous skin and hair. A major part of it can be attributed to their abundant use of olive oil in a variety of different forms.

Another thing to know about olive oil is that it can be abundantly used in Indian cooking in many ways. From deep frying to sautéing, it is a health fat that can add a lot of flavour to the any dish. As Indians try to embrace a healthier lifestyle, it is time to try new things and olive oil is certainly one of the most fun things you can play around with.

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