Extraordinary Benefits Of Olive Oil For Skin, Face And Hair

by Luessi Dino I am a Writer

It is a known fact that olive oil is good for the health. But it also has many cosmetic uses which can help maintain our skin, hair, nails etc. This usefulness of olive oil has come to the fore in the last few decades but it has been used as a beauty product from time immemorial. Even Cleopatra was familiar with the same and believed in olive oil skin care thereby regularly using olive oil in her beauty routine.

Packed with anti-oxidants and anti-ageing qualities the olive oil helps maintain the skin, especially the face and prevents any signs of ageing from appearing on it. The presence of the hydrating squalene also ensures the proper maintenance of the skin, hair, nails, and face which can be easily achieved with regular olive oil use. This fat which is obtained from crushing olives is also responsible for raising the levels of good cholesterol in the body and nourishing the skin from within.

Some of the important cosmetic uses of olive oil are:

·         Skin moisturizing: The presence of vitamin E in the olive oil helps improve the condition of the skin by treating it in case of any inflammation, dryness or even acne. There is an increase in the elasticity of the skin and its regenerative properties along with the presence of minerals, anti-oxidants, good fats etc., make the skin strong enough to fight free radicals. This leads to a healthy and better-looking fuller and bright skin.

·         Wrinkle reduction: Using olive oil for face in the form of a pack along with lemon juice and sea salt helps to rejuvenate it and prevents the appearance of any signs of ageing like the sagging of the skin, formation of wrinkles etc.

·         Enables formation of healthy nails: Many a time people complain of brittle and hard nails which break easily. Regular dabbing of olive oil on them brings them back to life by making them shiny, soft and better looking. Again the vitamin E present in the olive oil which is responsible for the maintenance of the skin also helps to maintain the nails.

·         Improves the condition of hair: Olive hair oil has a beneficial effect on the hair when used regularly. It improves the general condition of the hair by:

o   Treating it for dandruff by moisturizing the hair, reducing irritation of the skin and decreasing the formation of skin flakes,

o   Strengthens the hair by smoothening it and bringing back its healthy shine and bounce and

o   Reducing instances of hair fall, promoting hair growth and preventing the occurrence of split ends.

·         Makes hands and feet look beautiful: Regular application of olive oil on the hands and feet help to keep them hydrated thereby making them look beautiful and feel soft to touch. It also helps to bring about a reduction in the occurrence of cracked heals and cures those cracks which have already appeared.

There are many more ways in which olive oil can be used for the improvement in the outer beauty of a person. In fact, extra virgin oil is generally considered to be the best olive oil for skin but if it is not readily available then the use of regular olive oil also does the trick. 

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