What an Indian diet plan for weight loss should contain

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If you are searching for a weight loss diet plan then you need to know that all you need to do is start eating right. But, this seems more of a challenge for people of India as the meals usually contain a good amount of carbohydrates and sugars. And, little did we know that a healthy Indian diet plan for weight loss can be easily devised with the ingredients and foods that are commonly found in the Indian kitchen. You will notice how following the weight loss diet chart which is Indian and ayurvedic will help you in witnessing changes in your weight rapidly. Some nutrients should be incorporated in the diet plan because they aid in weight loss and few of them are listed below.

Indian diet plan for weight loss

The nutrients to be incorporated in Indian diet plan for weight loss


The most vital aspect of the body’s energy are carbohydrates and they should constitute about half of the body’s daily calorie requirement but what needs to be taken into consideration is the type of carbohydrates that are being included in the weight loss diet plan. There are basically two types of carbohydrates simple and complex. One should go with the complex carbohydrates which are rich in fiber because they are slow to digest which keeps you full for a longer period of time.


The daily requirement of protein by the body is hardly fulfilled and this becomes a point of concern because proteins aid weight loss, repair the tissues and muscles. An Indian diet plan for weight loss should be proteinaceous because it will help in the construction of the muscles which burns the calories in comparison to fat. Almost 30% of the diet should have protein or a variant of protein.


Usually, fats do not have a good image when it comes to health but fats are an essential component to regulate the production of hormones, storing fats, and giving out energy. Generally 20% of your diet should contain monounsaturated, polysaturated, and omega-3 fatty acids. The meals should be prepared with the combination of oils while keeping the optimum use of butter.

Minerals and Vitamins

Vitamins and minerals should be an essential component in the weight loss diet chart as they support metabolism and the proper functioning of nerves and muscles. And, experts suggest that one should consume 100 grams of greens and 100 grams of fruits everyday.

Some habits along with diet plan to healthily lose weight

  • Instead of having 3 meals which are heavy, try going for 4–5 meals in a day that includes smaller portions of food.
  • Having an early dinner is beneficial to help the body go through its natural detoxification. Your dinner should finish before 8 PM as per the experts.
  • Drink water. Having a glass of water will help in cutting down the cravings for food.
  • Eat lots of fibrous food because fibrous foods are slow to digest which keeps you full for a longer time.


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