Ayurvedic herbs to be incorporated in a PCOS diet plan

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According to the ayurvedic concept the three doshas in the body namely, pitta, Kapha, and Vata are the ones responsible for regulating the vital functions of the body. And, disturbance in the balance of the three doshas results in diseases, improper hormonal cycle, deteriorated energy levels, etc. For PCOS just like any other disease, Ayurveda focuses on diets that are devised specifically to cure a disease or disorder. In an Ayurveda specific PCOS diet plan, the foods that maintain the balance of androgen and estrogen are included and are also present in the diet chart for PCOS weight loss. The role of herbs is crucial in a PCOS diet chart which is ayurvedic as these are best known to maintain a balanced hormonal cycle and here are a few ayurvedic herbs that are included in a PCOS diet plan:

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A herb rich in Vitamin A, B1, B2, C, E, folic acids and important minerals like iron, calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium, behaves like an antioxidant to regulate the proper functioning of the female reproductive system. The insulin sensitivity as well as the issues related to infertility are also treated by adding Shatavari to the PCOS diet plan.


Amongst the sumptuous benefits of this herb, its nature of improving the sugar metabolism holds a lot of value. And, in PCOS wherein women face hair fall, Vibhitaki proves to be a boon in reducing hair fall when incorporated in a PCOS diet chart.


Haridra or commonly known as turmeric is known to be the best friend of a woman diagnosed with PCOS/PCOD. From detoxification of the female reproductive system to the reduction of acne, and also weight loss, turmeric is a mandatory ingredient in a diet chart for weight loss.


An immunity booster and a rejuvenator of the proper functioning of the female reproductive system, Shilajit is a herb that is rich in iron content. While going through the phase of PCOS due to heavy bleeding, the iron content gets reduced which can be easily covered with a pcos diet chart that is inclusive of shilajit.


The oil extracted from Usheera is known to have the properties which are muscle-relaxing in nature. And, in PCOS when women experience high uterine cramping, it can be highly beneficial in reducing that when incorporated in a proper ayurvedic diet plan.


Nagara or ginger as we like to call it is one of the most common herbs found in the Indian kitchen and has the properties to prevent the uterus from developing any kind of infection and even cancer. It is well known to reduce the menstrual pain while acting as a digestive tonic, which in turn gives it a place in the diet chart for weight loss.


Known to be a good adaptogen which aids the body in adapting both internal as well as external stress, Ashwagandha helps in balancing mood swings and naturally keeps the energy levels of the body balanced.


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