Kapha Diet: All you need to know about it

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When you study Ayurveda, you will get to know how a diet is regarded as a therapeutic measure to promote the well-being and overall health of the body. Following an ayurvedic kapha diet is the best way to keep a balance between the body and mind because what you eat shows up in your actions. The weight loss diet plan should always be kapha-pacifying as these foods will calm down its aggravated state. Also, the foods incorporated in a kapha-satisfying diet should be of cooling nature, sweet, and dairy products are used to bring back the natural strength of kapha.

The food choices of a kapha diet

kapha diet

If you are thinking about what exactly determines the food to be incorporated in a weight loss diet plan  then Ayurveda’s therapeutic norms of the opposites and the similarities will be the rebuttal. The properties of kapha like it being dense, cold, sweet and slimy, needs to be balanced which can be done by intaking foods that are balancing in nature and can maintain the required amount of kapha in the body. And, the foods to be incorporated should be easy to digest, rough, dry and the properties should be hot in nature and temperature. The usual taste of these foods is bitter or pungent and if the amount of kapha is lessened in the body, the foods which have properties similar to kapha should be incorporated in the kapha diet.

Types of tastes to pacify kapha

kapha diet

Having knowledge about the tastes that pacify kapha will help in getting to know the exact foods that your body needs and which are to be included in the weight loss plan which is also a kapha diet.

1.Pungent Taste

There are certain spices that have a bitter and pungent taste along with having hot properties, which in turn makes them to be kapha satisfying. For instance, turmeric, ginger, and black pepper have a pungent taste which is due to their composition made up of both fire and air elements which are contradictory to the water and earth elements of kapha’s composition.

2.Bitter Taste

The bitter taste possesses the quality of being cooling, dry, and rough, which is kapha satisfying in nature and in case the kapha is in the aggravated taste, these foods can be used to maintain a balance of kapha in the body.

3.Astringent Taste

The properties of food that have an astringent taste are heavy, dry, and cold which are used to satisfy the kapha but in moderate amounts and can be included in the kapha dietif there is not a very harsh imbalance.

4.Sweet Taste

The suggestion to eat a sweet dish as the appetizer in Ayurveda is done when the metabolism rate is at its highest point. And, the sweet taste usually possesses grounding and cooling properties which can be utilized in the weight loss diet plan to enhance the kapha in the body.

5.Sour Taste

The sour taste usually promotes the formation of digestive juices and has the properties to activate the senses and mind. It can enhance the kapha in the body if the intake is in excess, else it is moderately aggravating in nature.

6.Salty Taste

The stimulation of digestion can be done through the foods that have salty nature and they also promote appetite. It is constituted by water and fire elements and can hence enhance the kapha, moderately.

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