Trade Show Booth Design Tips: How to Ensure Booth Success

by Pathlie Lee Business consultant

A successful trade show means more leads, and more leads means more ROI for your business. But if attending trade shows isn’t giving you the results you want, take a closer look at your trade show booth design. Does it work in your favor? Here are design tips to help you take your display from bad to better, or even best.

Know the Size

Talk to your display builder about the size that’s allotted to you in the event. Ask the firm to provide you with a display that will maximize the use of every inch of that area. If you don’t, and you end up with a display that’s too small, that could be why many of the attendees skip your booth.

Get the Look Right

A display that captures your brand character so perfectly is a great marketing tool, the Brandwatch says. Make sure that happens by hiring the best display provider. Does the firm know what your organization is about? Does it get your brand personality right? That will be crucial in creating displays that are aligned with your company’s image and business goals.

Plan and Research

The nature of trade shows means you’re put alongside a ton of other companies that may be selling the same products or services and looking to win a bigger share of the consumer piece, much like your goals. You’ll need to know your competition, then. Plan and research, Successful Meetings says. That information can help you and your builder in coming up with designs that will leave your competitors in the dust.

Tell People What You Do

You only have a small window once you’ve captured your target market’s interest. You need to keep that interest going and providing them with a long-winded explanation of what you do can get in the way of that. Find the simplest way to relay that information to your customers. That also includes your displays.

Potential customers should know what your business is all about with a glance at your display. If the explanation is too long-winded or too short and vague, you’ll lose the connection.

Use Humor

People are saturated with marketing messages every day, and attendees of trade shows are even more exposed to that. By using humor to talk about your products or services, you can stand out. That’s one way to get potential customers to try out your products or services.

However, it’s important to note that using humor just to stand out isn’t a recommended course of action, too. Use it only if it makes sense or if it fits in well with your brand’s image and character. If it doesn't meet any of those conditions, though, consider the most effective way to generate interest in your company and go with that. It could be informative, informal, friendly, and casual enough to invite conversation and interest.

Check for Accuracy

You’d be surprised at how many businesses have assumed the information on their displays were accurate and right. Don’t make the same mistake. It only takes a missing letter from your email or the wrong number in your contact information to lose potential clients.

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