The Advantages of vaping rather than smoking

by Pathlie Lee Business consultant

How many times have you tried to stop smoking but couldn't get over it? It's addictive, it's expensive and harmful, but your dopamine can't let you go without a fight. There is, however, a better substitute for active smoking. It's vaping. While the debate on the advantages of vaping rather than tobacco has dominated the web for a long time, e-cigs still seem to get the upper hand.



E-cigarettes are customizable, can be flavored, they're classic, and most importantly pose the least health risk to passive smokers near you.

Are these the only benefits of vaping against smoking? Plainly, no. Stay tuned as we unravel for you the little-known secrets why many avid stoners are channeling their cravings to the vape pens.


Doesn't affect passive smokers

Smoking does not only affect the active smoker but also the people near him/her inhaling the second-hand smoke. This exposes them to the primary health risks like the coronary heart diseases etc. What if I told you that vaping is somewhat friendly to persons near you?


Well, the content from the e-cigarettes is released in liquid droplets that are evaporated faster than they could be inhaled. Moreover, the fumes have no bad smells. Some are also flavored to suit your tastes.


Got fewer chemical concentration as compared to cigarettes

Did you know that a cigarette is made of about 600 ingredients which when burnt produces an upward of 7000 chemicals? Well, research also adds that out of the 7000 compounds, 69 cause cancer, and also pose a lot of health risks.


On the flipside, the vapes contain juices which are only made of VG, PG, and associated flavors all approved by FDA.



Vaping is 40 percent less costly as compared to smoking. Nerdwallet reports that e-cigarettes are likely to cost you an average of only $1,387 per annum if you smoked a pack daily. This sharply contrasts smoking which is approximated to cost around $2,569 used on buying the cigarettes etc. Besides, you can reuse the vaping pen batteries after they're used up.


Available in different flavors

E-juice are available in varied flavors to suit your individual needs, tastes, and preferences. Talk of chocolate flavored vape juices to the strawberries, and menthol, etc. The choice is yours.


What if you fancy sugary additions? Grab your Cinnamon rolls or cheesecakes, from vape store online and blow like nobody is watching.


Environmentally friendly

Are you an environment enthusiast? If you answered yes, then the vape juices and e-cigs were made just for you. As mentioned before the vapor from the e-cigs are released in watery forms which makes it easy for them to be evaporated faster.


The second-hand smoke from a cigarette is, however 'heavy' and evaporates slowly in the process lowering air's quality. Moreover, the butts are also made of hazardous plastics which are not only challenging to compose but also poisonous to the wildlife.


Helps you maintain abstinence from smoking

Want to stop smoking? Give the e-cigarettes a try. They will help you keep sobriety from smoking as you continue with your rehabilitation.


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