Applied Behavior Analysis : What is (ABA) Applied Behavior Analysis?

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For decades, medical health professionals have been using Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) in correcting Autism defects. It is a scientific evidence-based approach applied as a therapeutic intervention to help autistic patients.

This approach aims to help the patients to adopt positive behaviors, and suppress negative characters. It also plays a pivotal role in improving how they interact socially, and develop better skills.

ABA is also applied when a doctor would want to develop certain desirable behaviors to suit other situations. In the control of autism though, research reports suggest that ABA works best when used intensely for about 24hours each week for patients below four years.

For aging adults too, ABA can be used to help them bear with losses due to broken relationships, lost strength, and memory etc. Individuals suffering from lifestyle problems due to poor mental health conditions can also benefit from this procedure too.


How long does autism rehabilitation takes?

When it comes to autism treatment center, it is worth noting that not all autistic patients have the same severity with their conditions. Typically, the amount of time a patient would take when receiving autism treatment is determined by the severity of his/her condition. Besides, the timeline would also be influenced by how much the patient is improving.


What should I expect in an autism treatment center?


Some of the things you're likely to meet when you visit or take a loved one to an Applied Behavior Analyst are;


·       Treatment strategies

Your doctor will model, and come up with robust strategies of measuring improvements, and changes as you continue with the treatment.

·       Checkup

The Applied behavior therapist will also check for different behaviors that would need modification.

·       Personalisation

Your therapist will use the results from checkup to develop appropriate skills. The skills you will learn here will be vital in helping you suppress the negative behaviors.

·      Treatment goals

The analyst will then set treatment goals to expect at the end of your treatment period.

·       Progress reviewing

Depending on your progress, the doctor will suggest appropriate skills for your rehabilitation. He would also decide whether you'd need further treatment or not.


Bottom line; How to choose the best AB analyst

When looking for an AB therapist for your loved one, check for;


Licensing.He/she should be a certified/ licensed clinical therapist.

Experienced. He should have a strong background working as an applied behavior analyst.

Environment.He/she should be working in a reputable therapeutic setting.

Supervision.Should be working under certified supervisors.



In summation, it's also worth pointing out that ABA is not all about autism treatment only. Instead, the behavioral therapists primarily major on finding out why people behave in certain ways. They uses social principles to work out societal problems, and boost life's quality.


Applied behavior analysis is also applicable in other sensitive areas of life which would include improving performance in organizations, schools, and sports etc. Also note that, while there's no proven autism cure, the treatment methods involved work under behavioral principles to impact positive changes in autism patients.

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