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by Pathlie Lee Business consultant

Going to a fancy gym sure looks fabulous. Lifting heavy, sweating in your hard work, and getting into shape everything feels uplifting, except for one thing, the reality is hard. You need a lot of self-discipline with proper coaching just to achieve minor results. That’s why for rookies two things are crucial before starting off with a gym schedule. A good gym with decent machinery and a knowledgeable gym coach to acquaint you with the details of the exercise.

Starting off with the basics-

The initial thing while searching for a gym is vicinity. The distance between your gym, home, or office should not be too much. The last thing you want is to travel long distances just to work out after an entire day of reckless office work. The next thing you look for in a gym is its equipment. Every gym should have 3 things right-

1- Well-Functioning machinery with adjustable weights
2- A weight area exclusive for weight training with separate racks for dumbbells and weight plates
3- Cardio floor for aerobic exercises with equipment like stationary bicycles and treadmills 

The Startup Session-

A number of youngbloods star off right from the weights and start acting pro, well you need to tone down on the passion. Weightlifting when done right can boost your strength but any mishappening can lead to severe injuries. So, it is advised to start off slow. Begin with a 15-minute warm up. You can start with a treadmill or any other cardio exercise as your warmup. Also, try to stretch your muscles before any major workout.

Now use commercial multi-station gym equipment to add some core strength. Cross fit sessions are a great way to increase core strength. However, CrossFit session is occasion, a once in a week sort of endeavor. As a daily workout, you will be exposed to a lot of adjustable fitness machines specially crafted to work on different muscle types. Lift light weights and get conversant with each machine first, gain the right postures and stance for each exercise.

Stick with one gym and trainer, now this is very important. Many newbies tend to jump ships a lot. It can either be because of dissatisfaction from the results or any money related issue but it disrupts the discipline which had been created. So, give it some time at least 6 months to actually learn everything. Then you are free to leave, every gym generally uses the same commercial fitness equipment so that will be an advantage.

Another thing which people do wrong is testing their muscle power with more weights. A rookie should focus more on revs than weight, this will build up their familiarity with the machinery rather than rupturing your posture and working out on odd muscles. While muscle training will need time and work, aerobic exercises are not rocket science. Treadmills are easy to use with their digital screens and highly customizable features with simple menus. You can track your time, kilometers traveled, calories burned and numerous variations in the slant height of the treadmill as per your needs.

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