The American Rap Star ‘Ceno’ Explains The Intricate Semblance Between Classical Music & Hip Hop

by Martin Gray Content Writer

Classical music and hip hop at first glance seem like two genres poles apart. Yet, there is something that connects both of these genres at an intersection.

Hip Hop refers to the adapted rhythmic music that generally goes with rapping, a musical and rhyming speech that is recited. This description certainly does not match with classical music at all.

Yet, what forms the intricate semblance between these two genres is how both classical music and hip hop have conquered the world. The broad term classical music incorporates renaissance, florid, romantic, and when it comes to modern-day classical music, it is distinguished as the universal genre. Classical music is in pretty much every nation and produced by many individuals around the globe. So is Hip Hop; another similarity.

Hip Hop's fame is extraordinary to the point that it has taken over as the main music style in the United States and conceivably a large portion of the world. In fact, Hip-hop and R&B surpass rock as the greatest music genre in the US.

The rap artist Ceno explains that there are numerous reasons why the two genres are so well known, yet the prime resemblance between the two styles is that they speak to the voice of the individuals.

“Hip Hop talks about genuine life events and feelings, much the same as classical music does. Hip Hop may be viewed as a form of rebellion, and for a few, classical music as a type of conformity. However, the two of them address to and for their listeners. It's conceivable that as the two genres are seen as standard styles of music today, perhaps this is the purpose behind their wide acceptance. Yet, both music connects to the listeners distinctively on the personal level, describing their story; one genre does it with words while the other with emotions,” says Ceno.

Ceno is an emerging Rap artist from LA, California, who indulged in hip hop escaping his criminal life, finding it as a hope to live a fulfilled life. Since then, the tremendous artist has managed to create his stance in the super-fierce world of music. Being Founder of a record label, 700 Family, Ceno is known for his hip hop sing, Say My Name. The artist recently again managed to prove his talent by going viral on Facebook. In his video, Ceno was spotted doing on-the-spot rap to some golden symphonies by Beethoven. The video altogether managed to gain over 1 million plus views and thousands of comments that praised the artist's soul-touching rap blended with the sensational classical tunes, which gave listeners goosebumps.

Hip Hop can be an exclusively spoken word medium, making it basic and helpful access that permits prompt access for individuals at almost no expense, bringing together people and community. Classical music is so notable, and there are already numerous local groups around the globe playing it, which makes it simple for individuals to get involved. Therefore, the two genres being the biggest genres of their era, have the power to bring together communities together, unifying them.

This also explains Hip Hop entertainers like Ceno love sampling classical music, and there's a valid justification for that. “The exceptionally expressive nature of classical music and the way that it has been around for many years makes it a conspicuous choice to stick a few beats against and lay vocals onto notable classical pieces. This explains why rap artists love Beethoven; in fact, I adore him to bits,” he says.

The merging of the two genres is a superb idea to bring forth yet another music form to acquire new crowds around the globe. “It would help open up players, advertisers, and concert-goers to new sounds that could mix Classical, Hip Hop, and numerous different styles of music together. This combination of styles would likewise make new crowds as it is another type. The idea could create more amazing harmony in our community while keeping Classical Music alive and prospering. I believe by experimenting with different genres, the artist actually safeguards the future of music,” concludes Ceno.

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