How Hip-Hop Music Influences Teenagers: Through the Lens of American Rap-star ‘Natalac’

by Martin Gray Content Writer

Hip hop culture has awful notoriety in certain quarters, for the most part on account of its relationship with rap. The two have been packaged along with a scope of negative undertones: terrible language, sexism, commending wrongdoing, viciousness, crimes, and drug abuse.

In the midst of such a negative reputation, An American rapper ‘Natalac’ is transforming the notion of rap, to highlights how rap music is essential for the world.

Hip-hop has a culture that youngsters reverberate with. Natalac considers rap as the language of generation Z. It's likewise the most downloaded genre on the web and this year surpassed rock to turn into the most well-known music genre in the united states. Natalac Sheldon Martinez Davis, better known by his stage name Natalac, is an American rapper, executive producer, singer, CEO/Founder of Natalac Records, and CEO/Founder of Natalac Express. Natalac is constantly striving to elucidate the immense significance of hip-hop to the teenagers. 

It's not just about bringing underestimated kids once more into society. It's tied in with furnishing them with a space to have the option to commend what their identity is. Some of the time that is tied in with embracing that it alright to be different.

Do Hip-Hop Promotes Violence only?

A great deal of hip hop music extols capitalism with its verses and recordings that include costly vehicles, dress, champagne, and embellishments or 'bling'. There's additionally an enormous sum that commends violence and sexism. By what method would music like that can be utilized to communicate with the youngsters?

"Like anything these days its complex. Hip hop culture began in the Bronx during the 1970s. It came out of a socio-political circumstance of minimization, hindrance, such sort of stuff, and was truly addressing that and still does,” Natalac highlights the initial cause of the emergence of rap music.

Natalac is an epitome of a hip hop craftsman, who is aware of social issues and the job rap can play in addressing those issues. With his song, Step Daddy, Natalac sowed a seed of positive mindset among his listeners, appreciating the efforts that the stepparents do to empower their skep kids. This represents that the artist knows that raps can induce a positive mindset in the society and thus, in on the forefront to promote it.

That is when things begin to change.

"The 1990s saw the development of gangster rap, which did a ton to uncover the issues that black downtown networks were managing in the US, yet the record label took that and celebrated it," says Natalac.

"There were specialists attempting to get record labels, who were dismissed in light of the fact that their message was excessively positive,” says Natalac. Undoubtedly, this outlook had affected the sort of hip hop music that was being released leading label rap as ‘problem music’.

Hip hop and raps with positive messages don't sell too, yet positive stuff has consistently been there. This is the reason that the tables are turning.

Since youngsters are presently getting to music carefully and done depending on the mainstream media, they're picking music with progressively positive messages based on their own preferences. Since, the world has many negatives to worry about, people now need things that are positive and so is true in case of the rap music too. So, hip-hop cannot be blamed to promote violence.

Hip-Hop Inspires Teenagers

Hip hop can make a sense of community, assemble pride and promote values, however, some people oppose it considering raps as insufficient – the children tuning in to it can't bear the cost of the life depicted in the music. A kid from a middle-class family, cannot afford Gucci shoes or a Lambo to flex.

However, Natalac contends that it doesn't really make a difference. He says all music is cognizant. Hip hop interfaces with essential ideas of character and reason, however, it additionally impacts the choices youngsters make about their lives, ways of life, and wellbeing. Each hip hop tune or rap contains something that we can pick up to enable us to develop.

"That sort of business, materialistic rap with the bling and the vehicles and all that glitz and glamor … stuff that individuals can't really bear the cost of and a great deal of the time is phony in the music recordings, at any rate … that could be utilized as an approach to enable youngsters and get them to consider devotion to art, commitment to hard work,” says Natalac.

"A great deal of the hip hop musicians – the ones that have become millionaires– they all have taken a stab at it. None of them were born with a silver spoon! I believe rap is a source of motivation young generation to work hard,” Natalac adds.

Hip Hop Encourages Knowledge

Knowledge is an extremely significant piece of hip hop – Knowledge on self, information on culture, and information on the historical backdrop of hip hop. A ton of hip hop melodies gives, a route for individuals to find out about this stuff, helping them to gain knowledge.

Rappers regularly spread subjects and stories that aren't really introduced in the normal world. And this alone is the reason enough to accept that this world needs rap music to get aware of the harsh reality of the world, making teenagers prepared to face the worst, equipping them to get through the hardest of times.

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