Sterling Silver Personalized Jewelry: Initial Pendant and Necklace

by Jennifer A. Life Style and Jewelry Blogger
Where to buy personalized jewelry for young girls? Read about Sterling silver initial pendant necklace and initial pendant which is quite affordable & durable.

Of late, we have seen an incessant trend of people choosing to buy pieces that are more affordable, and visibly equivalent to the more expensive pieces available in the market. Further, jewelry pieces of today tend to be tailor made for the wearer, unlike before when people had a finite number of options that they needed to choose from.

This is because with the plethora of modern machinery available today, craftsmen have easier ways to produce pieces quickly and more efficiently, leading to a situation where there are a huge number of different jewelry categories and designs available to be bought at any given time.

This in turn has incentivized the creation of unique, special pieces that add to the overall look by defining the wearer’s personality. Further, in recent years jewelry prices have gone down considerably, even if buying certain personalized pieces can cost a small fortune.

                              Where to Buy Personalized Jewelry?

In earlier times, when machinery wasn’t advanced enough, ‘over the top’ pieces featuring diamonds and other gemstones were very popular. This was because these pieces took time and intricate handiwork, and often came with customizations that were simply not possible in mass-produced jewelry at that time. Over time, while on one hand jewelry prices were brought down due to the advent in technology, the value of handcrafted pieces soared instead.

Over time, these pieces have retained their value. Further, the modern 21st century is probably the best time for a jeweler, especially if he or she has a knack of creating intricate designs that are unique and authentic. Nowadays, various handheld machines can be used for each and every process, and provides the same kind of quality as bigger factories do.

Further, the advent of the internet and technology has allowed even smaller jewelers to sell their products worldwide. In addition to the plethora of small and big jewelry companies selling their products on the internet, there are various marketplaces and online portals that allow people to buy second-hand, or previously owned pieces.

However, in case of alternate sterling silver jewelry, buying from proper sources is highly recommended. These sources might have higher prices when compared to other portals, but in these cases the quality of these pieces becomes very important. Buying from untrusted sources can lead to bad purchases with low quality pieces that may not last for long.

                      Where to Buy Personalized Jewelry for Young Girls?

Furthermore, buying such pieces for young girls may prove to be an even bigger challenge. As mentioned earlier, modern technology has transformed the process of jewelry making. It works not only to simplify the process of the transformation of an idea into reality, but also empowers smaller jewelers who already have an incentive to create unique designs. Further, unlike before, people are not necessarily fond of ‘over the top’, ‘larger than life’ jewelry pieces that stand out no matter where you go.

                                    sterling silver initial pendant

This has been further fueled by some new trends, especially those revolving around minimalism, which has further created a demand for handcrafted jewelry pieces with simpler designs. In some cases, these pieces can be extremely simple, such as random shapes, or initials. In this way, personalized jewelry that is tailor made for a specific individual has gained a lot of traction, and so has the more affordable variants that may use certain cheaper metals.

While these pieces are more affordable, they need not be any less in quality than the other, more expensive ones out there. At Takar Jewelry, we have a large range of personalized sterling silver jewelry which is highly suitable for girls of all ages, and does not cost as much as most other pieces of handcrafted jewelry! Further, we use only 100% natural gemstones and metals, and take great pride in our craftsmanship.

Silver sterling initial pendant

sterling silver alphabet pendants have gained a lot of traction over recent months. These 925 silver pendants are visually as impressive as some of the other initial pieces made out of more expensive metals, and provide a cheaper, more affordable alternative to expensive fine jewelry.

For example, the sterling silver initial pendant features a glossy silver finish with a cursive letter, which is obviously customizable to accommodate any alphabet of the wearer’s liking. These sterling silver initial pendant necklaces are suitable for all ages, and have a shiny glossy finish which adds a certain charm to each piece.

silver alphabet pendant

Further, other personalized pieces such as the sterling silver letter necklace have also been incredibly popular over recent weeks. Of course, while the cursive style silver alphabet pendant is a more recent phenomenon, there is a huge variety of personalized initial products that you can find on the Takar Jewelry website.

As always, all of our pieces are made in the USA, and we believe in producing jewelry pieces that are more affordable, but do not compromise on quality or appearance whatsoever.


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