Steps to Correctly Use A Diesel Generator

by Generator D. Diesel Generator

Learning how to correctly start a diesel generator is not an easy thing. Starting incorrectly, it may have a bad effect on the diesel generator set. It can be said that correct steps are the precondition to guarantee the normal operation of the unit. Then what are the correct steps to start a diesel generator? Through reading this article, you will get the answer.

1. Check whether the water tank is full of water. In winter, check whether the antifreeze is full

2. Check the oil level, fuel level, and radiator water level. If the level is lower than the specified value, it should be added to the normal position.

3. Check whether all the switch position is correct to meet the start requirements.

4. Check whether the diesel genset Emergency Stopbutton on the dashboard is correct.

5. Check whether the outlet switch of the unit is off-position.

6. Check whether the genset preheating is normal. When the indoor temperature is lower than 20 degree Celsius, the electric heater should be opened to preheat the diesel generator set.

7. Make sure there is no oil leakage or water leakage phenomenon. No debris in the genset and exhaust port.

8. Check whether the battery and voltage is normal.

9. Check whether alternator and diesel engine circuit is normal and firm.

10. Check whether the genset controller indicator light is normal.


Why Is a Diesel Generator Hard to Start?


Need Fuel

They are popular power sources on boats and motor home. They are also used to provide primary or backup power for homes and businesses. Diesel generators are durable and fuel efficient, however there are a few factors that will make them difficult to start.

Unlike gasoline engines, diesel engines will not draw fuel from the fuel tank if the fuel lines and pumps have gone dry. An engine that has not been run for a week or more may have had the fuel bleed from the lines. A diesel that has lost its prime will not start until fuel is back in the lines and pump. Diesels will have a priming pump or bulb located somewhere on the fuel system.

Cold Weather


Cold weather has two effects that makes diesels difficult to start. Cold fuel vaporizes poorly making ignition difficult and cold engines tend to crank over slowly reducing compression build up in the cylinders. Diesel engines will have glow plugs or pre-heaters to warm the air and/or cylinders. If starting is difficult in cold weather, ensure these heaters are functioning properly. A decompression lever will allow a cold engine to crank to a faster speed before applying compression, assisting the start process.

Trouble Indicators


Diesels function solely on properly vaporized fuel and compression. Black smoke after an engine has started is an indication of poorly vaporized fuel. Blue smoke is an indication of oil in the compression chamber, which means the engine is losing compression due to bad rings or a scored cylinder wall. Compression problems will require a rebuild or replacement of the diesel engine powering the generator.

Injector Problems


Improper fuel vaporization is a major cause of diesel starting problems. A fuel additive with detergents is the first step to remedy injector problems. If the additive does not make starts easier, the injection system should be checked out and repaired or replaced.

Quick Starts


You can purchase engine starting fluid at auto parts stores and truck dealerships. This spray aerosol of ether and petroleum products will help start a troublesome diesel generator. Remove the air cleaner cover and spray a two-second burst of starting fluid into the air intake while cranking the engine. If there are no other problems with the engine, it should start immediately. If the engine does not start, it has deeper problems and repeated use of the fluid will not help.


Diesel generator sets can not automatically stop how to do?


Recently, the Diesel generator set received a net friend's help, he purchased the diesel generator set in the use of the process can not automatically stop the situation, let us do a simple analysis.

First of all, you can use a multimeter to measure the diesel engine shutdown relay operating voltage, compared to the normal voltage, if the relay has not yet action, then you need to replace the relay. Then no-load test machine, the normal operation of the unit;


It also can be measured with a multimeter diesel engine shutdown solenoid valve on the normal working voltage, voltage and resistance, thus determine the electromagnetic valve is too dirty, resulting in diesel engine automatic stop when the solenoid valve can not be timely turn off part of the fuel injector into the fuel, the diesel engine idle speed. This must disconnect the positive DC power line, remove the solenoid valve cleaning, and adjust the spring tension, and no-load test machine, normal running.



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