ropshipping vs. Wholesale: The Choice of Wholesale Jewelry Distributors

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If you want to get into the fashion jewelry marketing business after this, you will definitely find two approaches: wholesale and drop shipping. Essentially, these are two different ways to get a supply of precious jewelry. If you are wondering which is better, it is a difficult question to answer. Some rely on wholesale jewelry suppliers for their inventory, while others opt for drop shipping. So it mostly depends on your needs and how you plan to run your business. The two techniques will be compared in this article. So, at the end of the essay, you can have a more enlightened decision.

Get it from wholesale jewelry suppliers

Buying in bulk means getting the product in bulk, so you can use it at a much lower price than your average customer would get. You can generate income by selling your precious jewelry at retail or regular prices. This is a more traditional way of selling merchandise and has probably been used for centuries. Since setup is pretty simple, it's a great option for someone new to the business. All you really need to do to use this technique is to be a good and reliable wholesale supplier. It is also very low risk. In this method, you don't actually need to spend a lot of cash up front.

One of the biggest advantages you get from a wholesale jewelry distributor is that you get to choose what is currently being traded. The fact that there is a wholesale supplier of some type of jewelry means that there is currently a market for that item. So you really won't have a hard time finding a target market for what you're offering wholesale. If you want to sell other types of products, it is likely that the same supplier has them. Traders often carry different types of items. If you're a good consumer after that, perhaps the wholesaler will allow you to combine your orders so you can get a variety of products without having to meet the minimum requirements for each product.


One of the most notable disadvantages of this approach is the need to maintain and manage the supply of items. Considering that precious jewelry is relatively small compared to other items, it doesn't need a lot of space. However, you still have to manage the supply yourself. Likewise, if you're selling a piece of jewelry that stands out, your competitors may have a particularly tough time. You will have to put a lot of effort into advertising and marketing your business so that people notice you and not other sellers. Last but not least, it is difficult to find reliable providers. And you have to be careful because there are several bastards posing as suppliers.

Direct delivery

Dropshipping is a fairly new approach to marketing projects. In this method, you do not need to keep an inventory of the products you offer. That's why it's the preferred method for people with the smallest area or those who aren't going to bother with the task of keeping inventory. Your supply will come from so-called third-party providers. They will definitely ship the product directly to the buyer. So all you really need to do is advertise your products on your online store and deal with customers. Dropshipping requires some technical knowledge.

The biggest benefit of using dropshipping to sell precious jewelry is that you can sell a large number of items. You are unlikely to be limited to a few products and look good on your online store. It's also a low-risk method because you don't have to buy items or maintain inventory. These products will definitely not pass through your hands as they will definitely be delivered directly to your buyers.

The biggest disadvantage of dropshipping is low profit margins. You can definitely make more money by getting items from jewelry wholesalers. Competitors are also high because the method is quite simple and almost anyone can get into a dropshipping company.

Therefore, you must source items from wholesale jewelry suppliers or sell them directly. The decision is entirely yours. It all depends on your vision of the company and what you are willing to sacrifice for it.

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