Pros and Cons of VPN

by Aida Martin Norton Setup

Pros and Cons of VPN

There is much more to a Virtual Private Network rather than just signing up. We have heard it often that everyone should use a Virtual Private Network or a VPN. No matter where you are using the Internet, whether it is a smartphone or your computer, there are real threats everywhere which are getting worse with time. On the Wi-Fi networks, Individuals can interfere with your information. Whenever you connect to the Internet, the ISP, Internet Service provider, has access to everything that you send. Advertisers and the spies can also attack your movements between the websites.

We can consider it the fact that the internet was never designed to protect your privacy. It was created for the easy exchange of information. HTTPS goes a remarkably long way for protecting your information but it doesn’t guarantee protection against ISP snooping. Until a more private internet comes together, using VPN is convenient for maintaining security.

What a VPN does and doesn’t do?

It is crucial to understand about the drawbacks of a VPN; You can not expect a parachute to stop a bullet. Whenever you switch on a VPN, the traffic is routed through the tunnel to a server operated by VPN company. It simply means that the ISP will not be able to see the web traffic. So now that traffic appears to come from VPN’s server. Your actual IP address is hidden. If someone tries to check your IP address, they will see IP address of VPN server.

A VPN will not completely anonymize your traffic. You need to use services such as Tor for this. Tor helps in bouncing the data via different volunteer systems.  It will definitely make harder for someone to track your activities. There are several websites that can track your information through cookies, online trackers and other tools. Privacy Badger helps in suppressing these watchful nasties.

Having a VPN doesn’t mean that you forget about basics of security.  Some VPN claims that they block malware, but it is not smart to rely totally on them. Use a password manager because recycled passwords have also been failures.

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