What are The PROS and CONS of Surrogacy?

by Shivani Sachdev Founder & Director

Surrogacy is an incredible experience for both parents as well as for the carrier or the surrogate mother. But one should always keep in mind that there are always two sides to everything.

Therefore, in the surrogacy process, there are positive as well as negative impacts.

It doesn’t matter wherever you go for your treatment it might be SCI IVF Hospital or any other renowned hospitals there are always chances of risk of failure.


First, let just mention the pros or the positive impact of surrogacy on both parents as well as Carriers.

·         Completes a family

For couples who have struggled a lot from infertility, other medical conditions, or are a part of the LGBTQ+ community for them this is a very great opportunity to become parents and complete their family.

·         It does not affect the genetic connection

Surrogacy does not affect the genetic connection of the child; the baby gets the biological features of their parents not of the carrier.

·         It creates a bond

In many cases, it is observed that surrogate mothers and parents develop a very beautiful bond that lasts for a lifetime.

·         Total involvement in the treatment

Intended parents of the baby get involved in the surrogacy process by and attending all the recession and witnessing the important milestones of this process.

·         Surrogacy provides successful results

This process has a great track record of successful healthy pregnancy and birth. This method has recorded more success than in any other treatment.

·         It is a legally protected method

The processing office Sarah guesses you will proceed only when both the party's parents as well as the career goes through the agreement and sign the contract.

·         Heavily Compensated

If you are a surrogate mother in this process you will receive money as well as physical, emotional compensation.

In this One year-long process the intended parents take care of all the demands of the surrogate mother.


The above-mentioned points suggest that best surrogacy treatment in Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, and other states or towns can benefit both the parties in a significant way but there remains a risk.

Here is a list of cons that both parties go through in this process.

·         Let go of some control

The parents here indeed enjoy a lot of involvement and control in the pregnancy process than the family pursuing adoption. Yet, the parents have to let go of some control and trust the surrogate mother for proceeding with the further process.

·         Surrogacy is an emotionally challenging

Everybody knows that pregnancy can be stressful. But, it is even more stressful when you are carrying someone else’s baby.

Sometimes it badly impacts on the mental health of the carrier that is the reason therapy is given to both of them, parents as well as the carrier for making the process successful.

·         Surrogacy can be expensive

Surrogacy is expensive because of the number of people involved in the process and the amount of physical and mental input required in the process to be a successful one.

Therefore, sometimes it is very expensive for parents or couples to afford it.

However, indeed, surrogacy had both pros and cons, but ultimately it gives a successful result to a family therefore, its demand is increasing despite the flaws. People are ready to take the risk to fulfill their wish of being parents.

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