Pros And Cons of Sandblasting For Your Workplace

by Quality Spare Center shot blasting machine manufacturer

At present, sandblasting is widely used in different types of industries for cleaning, smoothing or even removing surface finishes. At this stage, it has been some speculation over its effectiveness and cost-justifying the process. In this article, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of sandblasting For Your Workplace as possible in the hopes of giving potential results.

Pros of Sandblasting:

1.  Eco-Friendly –sandblasting are environmentally friendly, ensuring that you aren’t adding to the pollution already produced also the most prevalent of these mediums.

2. Rust Inhibitor – it helps to inhibit ‘flash rust’ from forming, which occurs when metal is exposed to the air. So, it is mandatory to eliminate the coat and expose from the metal.

3.  Non-Toxic –notably bicarb soda is not considered toxic by inhalation, ingestion and it also ensures health and safety of workers and allows them to work without fear.

4. Surface Profiles –metal component will require its surface to be profiled so that the finished coating in a quick and effective manner.

5.  Aggressive Action –it helps to quickly remove the surface contaminant including dirt and grit that has managed to adhere to the surface over time.

Cons of Sandblasting:

1.   Dust Control –Dust particles can be extremely damaging to human lungs and nasal passages so some area would need to be tented to help with dust control.

2. Crevice Collection – It may not unusual for them to collect in the crevices of the component. Therefore, extra care is required for cleaning up and particles may remain if the finish is applied quickly.

3.  Contains Silica – as per a current case study, continued exposure to silica can have serious health repercussions, including the development of an often-fatal lung disease which is used in it.

4.  Abrasive –Substrate of the object can be damaged, if care is not taken properly. This process involves the removal of surface contaminants and users must use a softer medium for effective and protective operation.

5. Generates Heat – it generates heat, sparking and static electricity which means that extra safety precautions are required to avoid a fire or breaking it out.

6.  Harm Plants – small levels of alkaline used in it can harm nearby plants and vegetation if the dust is not properly managed.  It can also create more problems if the plants were intended for ingesting.

After discussing, advantages and disadvantages associated with sandblasting process for any workplace – we have come to the conclusion that,  if you think sand blasting is appropriate for your needs, it mandatory to ensure that the process is being conducted should safe and correct.  Get more information from the expert regarding sandblasting process.

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