Sand blasting As an Art that Does Not Affect the Environment

by Quality Spare Center shot blasting machine manufacturer
Sand blasting process is more environmentally friendly than other processes used for surface preparation.  These machines are having various attributes and being used in many industries for propelling very fine bits of material at high-velocity to clean a surface. 

The main environmental risk with abrasive blasting lies with the abrasive material used in the machine for the surface preparation. But as inhaling the dust has been shown to cause the lung disease silicosis due to the blasting mediums.

The abrasive blasting uses copper slags, walnut shells, steel grits and powdered coconut materials etc. The most importantly you have to choose the environmental friendly abrasive material such as Garnet which may not contaminate the area and it is also free of heavy metals. 

Garnet – it is the best-preferred choice for many abrasive blasters. With fewer airborne emissions due to its crystal structure, it is free of the dangerous silicates and also avoids the health risks. It is the almost complete absence of silica, a MOHS hardness of 7.5. 

Meanwhile, it has a specific gravity of four, garnets that is ideal for abrasive blasting. Apart from it, the crystals are chemically inert, if garnet dust finds its way into the natural environment; it adds nothing that will save the ecosystem. Garnet can also be recycled up to 5 times before the grains become as small as to not be effective for the surface preparation.

If sandblasting needs to be done outdoors, temporary skirts or curtains can contain the spread of particles. A slipway makes it easy to collect the abrasive and in the lake of doing so, just smoothing the ground would help to scoop up the blast medium. Therefore, the abrasive material must be chosen responsibly, the environmental effect of abrasive blasting would be relatively minimal. There are two types of sand blasting process, have a look at its types:
1. Air-driven - to avoid water intrusion into the surface or protect the moisture buildup it is most suited for metal surfaces preparation.

2. Water-driven– it is preferred for reducing surface retrogression and commonly used for brick and concrete surfaces.
The Many Benefits of Sand blasting:

As an industry specialist, it would like to share some of the attributes of sandblasting that one can avail with quality spare sandblasting machines. One of the greatest benefits of the sandblasting, it is environmentally friendly and non-toxic too. 

If outside pollutants are mentioned in the sandblasting equipment, sandblasting still remains harmless to the environment. Meanwhile, the typical products used in sandblasting have proven that it is safer than other methods if inhaled, unlike most cleaning products. 

The different attributes of the sandblasting are as follows:

1. It saves more time than another manual process.
2. Most powerful action removes deposits from rough surfaces also
3. Used for removing old paint, smooth a rough surface or give shape to an object. 
4. This process is more efficient than sandpaper.
5. It does not make use of complex machinery.
6. The faded surfaces can also be cleaned.
7. It allows you to access corners and areas that are not easy to clean.
8. It also helps to prepare the surface for polishing.
9. It helps to protect the utilization and longevity of the metal pipes and furniture’s made of metals.
10. Sandblasting helps to rejuvenate the material and make that new again.
However, with the sand blasting operation, the operators must wear the protection gears until they finish their job and harmful particles also should be suspended from the air. During the sandblasting operation, all the rough particles should be placed in a sandblast pot that must be properly grounded every time. 

Meanwhile, other safety measures must be maintained for the safe sandblasting process. To get more information on environmental friendly sandblasting machine, and sandblasting abrasives and sandblasting safety equipment get in touch with the experts' team.   

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