Mortal Shell: Best Eredrim Build and Weapon Guide

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“Eredrim, the Venerable” is the last preferred Shell among all four Shells in Mortal Shell. Even though Eredrim is the last in the list, this doesn’t mean players should leave this highly durable Shell behind. If you use Eredrim correctly, it can be your unstoppable tank. Eredrim, the Venerable could be the best option for the beginner of Mortal Shell. After maxing out this Shell, it will put more damage than any other shell in the game, and you can also get the additional HP boost from skills. Although its resolve and stamina are quite low, you can try a few ways to pass its limitations.

Best Build of Eredrim in Mortal Shell

Best Abilities

When you pay a customary total of 500 Tar to the Sester Genessa to check his skills and stats, you will understand the best use of Eredrim. The abilities of Eredrim allow him to enhance his damage and health to take down the enemies easily. Unlike any other Shell, he doesn’t have fancy moves, but whenever you use it, he will satisfy you from the results.

Mortal Shell: Best Eredrim Build and Weapon Guide

Among two different skills, you have to decide to invest in which one. The build depends on your choice. The first skill is “Accretion of Endurance.” It’s a passive move, but it offers Eredrim a massive 15% permanent buff to maximize the HP. This skill will improve the durability that will allow you to take a few more hits than usual. To stay on the ground much longer, you have to spend only 6 Glimpses and 1,000 Tar values.

The second skill “Accretion of Resolve” will enable you to stack up the damage. Any enemy you kill will be added to the “execution stack” of character, and every tenth attack will buff the base damage by one. It will max out when you get 10 bonus damage on each attack, but it can get reset if you ever separate the Shell. However, it will not put additional damage to the enemy even if you manage to max out. The following skill only doubles your weapon damage. If you like this skill, you can consider it as your first skill as well because it also comes in 8 Glimpses and 1,100 Tar value.

The last skill is “Accretion of Inheritance” which provides you with slightly extra damage during the time of fighting against a single enemy. In the game players usually face plenty of groups, but those enemies are not strong enough. The real threat comes when you face an individual enemy. Your skill will show its potential when you battle against one on one. You have to save a lot of Tar and Glimpses to get this last skill because this one comes in 15 Glimpses and 2,500 Tar Value.

Best Weapon

Now that you know your Shell has less stamina, you have to choose a suitable weapon. The best weapon you can choose for Eredrim is “Hallowed Sword.” The reason is, it consumes less stamina, has pretty decent speed, and deals great damage. You can also try the “Hammer and Chisel” if you want speed, less consumption of stamina and attack. However, you should use it when you know you won’t get knocked out easily.

Conclusion – Eredrim is a great Shell to use, but some limitations come along with it. For a beginner, Eredrim is a perfect choice because it’s skills come at a very low price and work quite efficiently in the field.

SOURCE:- Mortal Shell: Best Eredrim Build and Weapon Guide

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