Mortal Shell: What are the Best Weapons and their Locations?

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Finding the weapons or choosing a perfect weapon isn’t hard in Mortal Shell. Currently, only 5 weapons are available in Mortal Shell. Even though there are only 5 weapons available, the content and the action in the game is nowhere below the mark. Great thing is that every available weapon in the game is powerful and iconic. Trying new weapons and having a great hold on them in the early stage can help players a lot. You can find these weapons in the early levels. The first three dungeons of the game will provide you with these weapons, so you don’t need to wait a lot.

The routes to find these 5 weapons are also not tricky. The first thing you need to do is to locate the altar with a book at the beginning of all three dungeons. There you need to interact with it, and then a small scene will appear. After the scene ends, you have to battle against “Hadern.” If you have played the tutorials, then you must be familiar with it. If you manage to defeat Hadern, you will get his weapon. You simply need to pick the weapon from the statue near the book. You can also turn your weapons in a powerful weapon by locating some useful items and utilizing them at the anvil.

Best Weapons in Mortal Shell          

Players should understand the fact that there are only 5 weapons currently available in the game. All 5 weapons are powerful in their categories and abilities. Deciding which weapon is strong and which one weapon is weak can’t be decided in the early stages. However, every weapon has the unique ability and strength that determines their importance in the game. Once you know the weaknesses and strengths of the weapon, you can decide which weapon is suitable.

The main thing in the game is to find the weapons because they are all located at different locations. You can use the collected resources to upgrade the weapons to turn them extremely powerful. So here is the list of weapons and locations to find.

Hallowed Blade

Your first weapon in the game will be “Hallowed Blade.” You will find it from the statue during the tutorial. These statues hold the weapons to let you unlock by equipping them. The Hallowed Blade is a good weapon. Its damage and striking speed are what make this blade a powerful weapon. When you are fighting against small enemies, a Hallowed Blade can help a lot. It’s an average weapon for players, and that’s why it’s not the favorite weapon of players.

Hallowed Blade has two special attacks just like all other weapons. To use the special attack, you need to upgrade first. The first Hallowed Blade upgrade is “Mechanical Spike” which is located in a chest of Grisha cave on the opposite side of Fallgrim Tower. Once you upgrade the blade, a huge spike will come out that will put extreme damage on enemies.

The second upgrade of Hallowed Blade is “Molten Spike.” This attack is similar to the first one but burns the enemies. You can get this attack after you defeat one of the bosses and decrease the mist. It is inside the Frog Chest in the huge camp located at the valley of Fallgrim.

Smoldering Mace

It’s a long weapon that can perform wide swings on enemies. You need to defeat Harden at the opening of Temple Ground site. Its strike speed is incredible and can easily take down enemies. If you are fighting within a group of enemies, you should use this weapon for instant clean up. It also has two special attacks that you need to unlock.

The first attack is “Foundry Stone.” It is an excellent attack that puts extreme damage on enemies by setting them on fire. You need to locate this move inside the tomb that is located after the second room in Temple Grounds.

The second ability is unlocked by utilizing “Awakened Stone.” It’s every move sets the mace on fire, and every strike hits hard on the mace. To get this move, explore the “Monument of Ash,” inside a tomb on a bridge that will lead you to “Sanctum of fire.”

Martyr’s Blade

It is the slowest weapon in the game, but it has the highest damage rate in every strike. If you are fighting in close range, this weapon will perfectly fit well in the hands of your character. When using this weapon, you need to maintain your timing of the attack. You can unlock this weapon by defeating Hadern during the opening of the Abandoned Chamber.

Its first upgraded attack will be “Petrified Winterglass.” It is an ice move attack that will freeze the enemies after striking them. You can locate it on the right-hand side of the third room in the Abandoned Chamber that is located at the top side of the tomb.

The second upgrade will be available after using the “Radiant Winterglass.” It will offer you to unleash an extreme AoE attack that will slightly freeze every enemy. Find it in “Enshrined Sanctum” after the “Enslaved Grisha” battle.

Hammer and Chisel

Get this weapon by defeating the Hadern in “Eternal Narthex.” It is the fastest weapon in the game, but its damage is not up to the mark. It can poison the enemies that will help you to slow down your opponents. Using this on a single enemy will help you a lot. It has two great abilities to unlock.

The first can be earned through “Perfumed Censer.” It will attack the enemies in a spinning way with nails on nearby areas. You can easily clear multiple enemies with this ability. Locate this ability on the left side area of Eternal Narthex at the back of the torch.

This ability will allow you to attack your enemies from far distance with extreme damage. You can unlock this ability through “Foul Censer.” You will find it in “Shifting Archives.” Find the teleporter and pick to get the item to achieve the ability.


Ballistazooka is an incredible weapon, but it is also a slow weapon. It is not considered as a main weapon of the game, but if you have enough ammo for this weapon, you can use it as you want. You need to purchase the tools from Vlas in Fallgrim Tower for a total of 8,000 Tar value.

Once you get the tools, just move to the first floor to fix it. After fixing the weapon, you can use it long-range. It’s a ranged weapon that deals massive damage on the enemy. However, you need to wait for a few seconds after every shot.Conclusion – The weapons in Mortal Shell are incredible, but players have to spend some time to understand their abilities perfectly. Every weapon is powerful in their category, but if you use them in the wrong situation or on the wrong enemy, it can harm you as well.

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