Make Rooms Seem More Spacious With These 6 Useful Tips

by Tarun Sharma Web Blogger

If you have small spaces in your home, the best thing to do is to take advantage of the decorative elements and create the optical illusion of having more spacious rooms. In general, homes are no longer as spacious as they typically were 70 or 80 years ago. As a result, modern rooms tend to be smaller. However, this should not be a limitation.

It is always possible to find a way to exploit the spaces and enhance them to the fullest. It is about learning to look at things from a less conventional point of view in order to find extraordinary alternatives. In this way, you will be able to create dream spaces.

With a few tricks, you will get a feeling of breadth and depth. You have to know how to deceive your eyes to give the impression of having gained square meters and greater well-being. Below, we give you some tips to create more spacious environments.

How to make rooms seem more spacious?

1. Choose light colors

The colors you choose to paint the walls are extremely important when it comes to enlarging the environment. If the room is small, it is always advisable to choose light shades. Pastel, cream, white shades give the illusion of enlarging the space and greatly illuminate it. The strong and bright colors, on the other hand, make it smaller. At the same time, it is not recommended to paint the ceiling in bright colors.

You could paint the ceiling an even lighter shade than the walls; in this way you will get more brightness and give a refined touch to the space.

The recommended shades

  • Lilac
  • Beige
  • Heavenly
  • Salmon
  • Light green
  • Pale pink
  • Soft shades in general, such as watercolor colors
  • White (in its various shades: ivory, pure, chalk, and so on)

2. Free space in the living room

A brilliant trick is to leave empty space in front of a window in the living room. This will favor the entry of light and give a feeling of depth and more space. In addition, it will direct the gaze outwards.

Give it a try and you will notice how this simple trick will help you make rooms seem more spacious and brighter without major changes.

3. Use mirrors to make rooms seem more spacious

Here is the trump card for decorators. A large wall mirror, which is not particularly decorated, will create the feeling of more space in a small place. A well-positioned mirror, therefore, will give greater space to the room. Only one is sufficient, since putting many would make the space in question too loaded.

  • Use only one large mirror.
  • Place it at right angles to a door.
  • Place it as close to a window or door as possible.
  • Try not to decorate too much the wall you hang it on.
  • A mirror that extends from floor to ceiling will give a feeling of depth.

4. Furnishing of the rooms

When choosing furniture and how to furnish your small spaces, take into account the suggestions we are about to give you to give the illusion of a more amble space. Objects that are further away are perceived by the brain more clearly and with less detail. Starting from this base, we will tell you which furniture is best to place and how to arrange them to create the illusion of depth:

  • Choose furniture in light colors.
  • Look for accessories with neutral and warm shades.
  • Better to choose furniture with few details.
  • Opt for a few pieces of furniture: a large one is better than many small ones.
  • Add a few decorative elements and the space will seem larger.

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5. Choose small furniture to have more space

By placing low furniture, you will gain depth, as by doing so you will have a global view of the room, without obstacles. Low armchairs and puffs work very well. What is more, you can make a dual use of this furniture and thus optimize space. For example, a pouf can open and offer space to store items.

6. Order and organization for domestic environments

Like anything in life, order and organization will offer you more space and greater comfort. Consequently, we advise you to place the larger furniture at the back of the room and as far away from the entrance as possible. Arrange the rest of the furniture in a balanced way, which helps you to define the zones.

  • Choose a horizontal shelf to neatly arrange photos and miscellaneous items. It will take up less space than a vertical structure.
  • Don't let a piece of furniture block your view. An empty space means distance.
  • Dark and voluminous curtains will not help to achieve brightness. Leave the windows without curtains, or choose them of light fabric and light colors.
  • Do not accumulate unnecessary items. To give the feeling of a larger space, it is always better to “less” than “more”.
  • Try - as much as possible - to keep everything in its place. Clutter gives the sensation of suffocation and of feeling buried by the environment.
  • Try to find a corner to leave empty or in which to put a single object. This is called a visual rest zone.
  • It is not recommended to choose particularly large paintings or three-dimensional works of art, as they take up more space.
  • You can opt for a minimalist style or similar. Remember that the idea is to be practical, elegant and aware of the spaces.

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