How to Choose the Right Straight Skirt – A Few Tips

by Tarun Sharma Web Blogger

The straight skirt is a classic garment that can be found in almost every feminine wardrobe. To get the most out of it, there are different basic rules to consider when designing an outfit around your straight skirt.

Steps to choose Straight Skirt

1. Adjust the skirt to your body

There is no need to reiterate this, but when choosing a straight skirt, you need to make sure that it fits your body perfectly. Even though the skirt sizes offered by clothing manufacturers have the same base dimensions, you should always try on the skirt before purchasing it.

If the straight skirt is too wide, it will give extra volume to your abdomen. Your waist will then appear larger and your figure will have a square appearance.

On the other hand, if the straight skirt is too small, it will create bulges on your thighs, your stomach as well as your buttocks. Finally, it is difficult to walk with a straight skirt that is too tight.

If you don't know where to start, choose a straight skirt with a belt that goes 5 cm above your belly button. The belt should conform to the shape of the widest part of your hips without stretching. It should also tighten and stop somewhere below this point rather than directly above it.

2. Try different sizes and lengths

The effect on your overall appearance will be slightly different depending on the length of the skirt and the size of the belt. While there are some rules you need to be aware of, the best way to find the right length and size for your line is to try out different styles and see which one you like best when standing in front of the mirror.

If you want to appear taller or slimmer, choose a skirt with a high waist and shorter in length (anything that hits the knee or falls just below it). You just need to wear the skirt higher to create the illusion of longer legs and a slimmer figure.

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3. Play with color, texture and patterns

These days, straight skirts are designed in a wide variety of fabrics and prints. You can opt for a classic style if you are looking for a skirt to wear for all occasions. However, if you feel the urge, you can choose something unique to make your outfit more attractive.

If you are looking for an outfit that fits any situation in your wardrobe, stick with black. Bright colors as well as prints cannot be worn anywhere and anytime. A black straight skirt on the other hand makes it easier to go from a professional look to a casual or attractive look.

4. Consider your curves

The straight skirt adapts to all body types. However, you will need to be more careful with how to wear it if you have generous curves at the hips. Since this skirt tightens the thighs, it may accentuate your curves and the result may not be appropriate on all occasions.

To distract from your lower body, stick with dark skirts that you can wear with printed or patterned tops. The visually appealing top will take the focus away from your bottom.

Pay attention to the hem. Make sure that the hem does not go over the fullest part of your thighs, otherwise you will look bigger than you actually are. Skirts that stop above or directly below the knees are more appropriate, as these are the places where the legs are thinnest.

5. Try skirts with a slit or darts

If you're trying on a classic straight skirt and don't like how it hugs your curves, don't be discouraged. Try another skirt with a slit or darts sewn into it. These two options will subtly change the shape of the garment and make the skirt more appealing to you.

To slim your hips and legs, you can wear a straight skirt with two vertical darts sewn on the front. Darts emphasize the waist and make the eyes look up and down rather than left to right.

If you have a slim waist and wide thighs, you should wear a straight skirt with a 5-8cm slit down the middle of the hem behind. The slit not only gives your legs more room to move, but it also keeps the waistband tight where it's needed to give the skirt a proper shape.


Long accused of endowing women with a memorable silhouette, the midi skirt offers a remarkable fashion rehabilitation. Confined to the catwalks and the very sharp looks of street styles, it is now settling in the urban fashion landscape and becomes a pledge of a thoughtful and sophisticated style, whether straight or pleated.

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