Lightning Crotch Pain During Pregnancy? What’s that all about?

by Olivia Clare Writter, Blogger
Lightning Crotch Pain During Pregnancy
Greetings to all expecting women residing in the lovely city of Peterborough! So, it’s your third trimester of pregnancy and you feel that excruciating pain in your vagina. Well, what is that? As if morning sickness, cramps, insomnia, swollen feet, heartburn or indigestion, were not enough, now you have lightning crotch pain to deal with during the final days of your pregnancy.

What is lightning crotch pain?

Lightning crotch is the sharp and painful pain that occurs in the vagina and pelvic area and can travel down to the inner thighs as well. Lightning crotch happens during the third trimester or final weeks of pregnancy. The aches and pains caused by lightning crotch are common but can affect the quality of life in pregnant women. Some women get lightning crotch pain while some don’t. 
What causes lightning crotch pain?

Lightning crotch pain occurs during the final weeks of pregnancy for a reason. During the last month of your pregnancy, the foetus has already attained the usual size of a baby and hence, the baby is finally preparing himself or herself for delivery. The baby’s head is almost about to touch the birth canal and that’s the reason expecting mothers get such an agonizing pain down there. The severity of your crotch pain depends on the size and position of your baby. (Hmm, now we know why being a mother is not easy)
What are the symptoms of lightning crotch pain?

The first and foremost symptom of lightning crotch pain is, of course, the shooting pain in the vagina, inner thighs, and pelvic region. The pain differs from woman to woman. Immediately visit an OB-GYN when you notice severe unusual symptoms, like vaginal bleeding and fever along with unbearable pain in the vagina.
Can we do anything about lightning crotch pain?

Lightning crotch pain is temporary and only goes away after childbirth. Thankfully, there are some ways that can prevent the occurrence of lightning crotch pain. All you need to do is do the following if you want to prevent or get relief from lightning crotch pain. 
Take a warm bath – Taking a warm bath or shower can provide some relief to pregnant women who are already dealing with unenduring lightning crotch pain. If you want, you can even add a few drops of peppermint essential oil or chamomile essential oil for extra effect. 

Be active - Inactivity can cause lightning crotch pain, hence, do some light exercises or any other physical activities. 

Wear a belly-support band - Belly-support bands can help in preventing pain in the vagina.

Get prenatal massages - Prenatal massages will relax your sore muscles and give you the much-needed relief from aches and pains. 
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