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by Manoj Singh rathore Digital Marketing Head and Founder
Greetings everyone this is Aditya Singh Rathore and today we're going to talk about what is digital marketing so thanks for joining us here at Techstack and let's get started so today we're going to talk about why digital marketing is important in today's world we're also going to talk about what is digital marketing and they're the types of digital marketing channels that are out there then we're going to talk about the customer lifecycle in digital marketing so what does it take to get somebody from point A to point Z through digital marketing and so those are the topics we're going to cover so hope you enjoy yourself while you're learning and let's get right to it so let's start talking about why digital marketing is important so let's start there on the Y so we're just a fly on the wall and we're in an office environment we're looking at two friends having a conversation about digital marketing in digital marketing course in noida with Techstack.

So really if we're listening in everybody every marketer is using digital marketing for his or her business now digital marketing is become more popular than traditional marketing that's not a surprise so in response hey over the past few decades digital marketing has evolved at a rapid pace these days a lot of people spend most their time on the internet so what happens in the internet every 60 seconds well a lot happens every 60 seconds so according to social media today I mean there's a lot of snaps there's a lot of clicks there's a lot of text there's a lot of videos watched there's a lot of pictures being taken there's a lot of voice-activated activity going on a lot of tweets email swipes there's a lot going on here in 60 seconds so there's a lot of activity on the internet a lot and so the one gentleman says hey can you also mention a few differences between digital and traditional marketing systems and then the expert of digital marketing course.

I can certainly clarify a few differences between digital and traditional and so he goes on to say what the differences are between traditional and digital elements look at that okay so on traditional marketing we're talking about print radio billboard newspaper TV anything that's not on your mobile or laptop so we know what traditional marketing reaches limited with digital marketing reaches maximum and what we mean by that is hey when you print something you're printing it for X amount of people if you're trying to promote an event and you basically create a thousand Flyers okay you figure that's going to a thousand people maybe they'll share it so you're looking about 2,000 people maybe just to be generous well digital marketing we're promoting an event we can promote it to a whole lot of people depending on the platform so 2000 is nothing when you're targeting an audience on Facebook or Google search traditional marketing non versatile and with digital marketing is very versatile so again going back to our flyer print an eight-and-a-half by 11.

Okay that's it you know with with digital marketing running display banners go for 68 by 60 200 by 200 250 by 250 300 by 300 I mean the list goes on on the types of different display sizes not to mention text ads not to mention video or multimedia so the wat you can do to get your message out there okay with traditional it's always delayed communication okay so meaning if you're trying to get that TV spot there might not be a spot open until 1:00 in the morning okay well what does your marketing there is no hours okay you can certainly get your point out there and have people see it instantaneously so which rich marking there's a lack of real-time results I mean this seems like it's obvious but you know digital marketing that's one of the biggest benefits instant real-time results instant okay nowadays go in analytics you can look at real-time reporting okay we could see real-time results okay traditional marketing can be very costly I mean if you're not only doing postcards and printing postcards but you have to mail those postcards so there's postage fees where with digital marketing it's very very very cost efficient I mean meaning you could pick and choose who you want to target one you want to target where you want to target what you want to target and if you're doing search you can put your bidding in place you can put your hours in place you can really control how much you actually spend.

So that's amis one of the biggest advantages to digital marketing not only do you get real-time results but you could control cost and then obviously optimize based on the amount of cost you're spending based on those real-time results with traditional marketing it's difficult to reach a target audience you know which is your marketing it's easy to reach a target audience I mean you know I don't want to bash traditional marketing too much I mean if you're gonna put a TV ad in place you know you're gonna do it on a TV show that tends to gear more towards your target audience but that doesn't guarantee anything here we can simply go to Facebook or Twitter or LinkedIn and just pick and choose specifically who we want to target when we want to target them so it just becomes a lot easier to reach each targeted audience on a digital marketing platform and then with traditional marketing pour campaign measurement.

We're digital you have easy to measure optimize campaigns and what we really mean by that is because you get instant time results because you can control cost because you can reach your target audience more easily all those a result of okay you can measure and optimize based on what our audience is seeing and how much they're spending to see it we can quickly make adjustments in order to optimize the campaign for better performance so that's generally if that means as a culmination of pretty much everything that we've listed as a benefit for digital marketing okay so now why digital market has been answered with all the benefits that it carries

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