Top 10 Ways to Get People to Read and Respond to Your Emails

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In email marketing, one thing you learn pretty quickly is that sending your email is just the half of it. The next part is what happens after the reader receives the email. You track opens and clickthroughs, as well as other metrics, but this doesn't provide the whole story.

There are lots of questions that go through the mind of a business: How did my subscriber feel about my message? Why did they start it? Was it brand loyalty and an eye-catching subject line? Was the message related to them and did they find it interesting? You should put yourself in your subscribers' shoes, and ask what you would do if you received your own email. You can also learn sending lots of email marketing strategy from learning digital marketing course. Whether the campaign worked or not depends on the many things your readers do when they get your email. Here are twelve ways they can respond to your message:

1. Respond. Your message resonated with the subscriber and motivated a response.

2. Subscribe. You've engaged them and have received their vote of confidence that you will continue to provide great content or something of value.

3. Spread. They find the content interesting enough to "spread" to anyone and everyone via a blog, other social networks which they belong.

4. Forward. The content is not only useful to them, but also to other people they know personally. They just "forward" the email to friends, family, and colleagues.

5. Save. The content is so relevant that they "save" it to revisit at a later time.

6. Shift. They are so deeply affected, in a positive way, by the content of your email that it "shifts" some of their values and beliefs. In other words, they find the email content to be transformative.

7. Assess. They find the content interesting and "assess" its relevance and value for them personally and professionally.

8. Scan. They "scan" it for relevance, get right to the core of the content, and skip the rest.

9. Skip. They make an assessment that it may be worth reading at a time.

10. Delete. Perhaps the subscriber no longer matches the demographic, the message isn't relevant to them.

11. Unsubscribe. The "unsubscribe" because the message isn't relevant, useful or of value to them.

12. Mark as Spam. If your email isn't relevant or interesting to them, doesn't provide a reasonable Return-on-Interaction (ROI), is sent too often, or is simply self-serving or useless, they will mark it as spam.

As you can see, measuring the success of your emails is much more than simply looking at open and clickthrough rates. Readers respond in so many ways to the messages that you send. It is always important to recognize the desires and interests of your subscribers and compose emails which cater to these needs.

A good email message answers a reader's question or changes their beliefs about your business. It's not always best to focus on selling. Sometimes it's good to focus on building relationships with our customers. This can be achieved by sending emails that focus on informing your customer of your business's community action plan, for instance. Remember: Too many emails and the wrong focus can affect your business's image.


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