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by Manoj Singh rathore Digital Marketing Head and Founder
Let's talk about the what-ifs digital marketing so you know that you know you want to do digital more so how do we go about that what what is it exactly well let's just define it digital marketing is just the act of promoting a company's product or an individual's product or service with the help of a device or technology and so obviously when we talk about device we're talking about maybe a laptop we're talking about a mobile device and we talk about technology it could be an app it could be you know a cloud-based platform okay it could be a piece of software okay so a lot going on on the Digital side in terms of variations and what you can do but that's in a nutshell what digital marketing and learn more by joining digital marketing institute in noida is you're really just using technology to promote your product or service so we know because of the benefits in digital marketing you can promote your campaign on different platforms ok so all these benefits we mention about instant real time results cost efficiency optimizing campaigns.

You could do that on surge you could do it on social via email on mobile apps etc so that's what we mean by with the help of digital devices in technology well these digital devices and Technology come in the form of search engines and emails and mobile apps etc so when we want to go and promote our product or service using a campaign we have different options so there are different types of digital marketing channels that we could choose from and let's just go through that list of digital marketing channels and the first one is what I consider the king of them all and that's SEO so SEO stands for search engine optimization they're search engine marketing there's email marketing affiliate marketing social content mobile and many more in Techstack and then we can get into subsets of each of these digital marketing channels but really we'll start with SEO because that's the king and to me that's basically increasing the quality and quantity of relevant organic traffic on the search engines including Google's so depending on where you're located in the US market.

Google tenth work has a large market share so you want your pages on your website to be found and clicked on organically and so that means if somebody types in a keyword you want that relevant page to show up first on Google so somebody can click on that link okay and we know that millions of people specifically in the US but worldwide you search on a daily basis so if you're ranking for those relevant keywords you can imagine how much traffic you can get okay so that's SEO okay and here's an example so you type in online shopping well you can see the first listing here is a paid search ad I'm going to get to that in a minute the second organically is Amazon okay so online shopping you think maybe Walmart you think maybe Alibaba or you're thinking probably Amazon okay so no surprise Amazon's ranking for the keyword online shopping and so if somebody clicked on their listing that's traffic for Amazon let's move on to search engine marketing you know known as SEM or pay-per-click or cost per click or PPC or CPC or sponsored search or Google Ads I mean there's a lot of different name synonymous with SEM so search engine marketing is really just using paid ads on search engines just.

we saw the previous example if you want to be found for keyword you don't have to worry about organic if you're willing to pay for it you just bid on that keyword and wallah you have the opportunity to appear number one in the search results at the top of the page for that keyword now when somebody clicks on it you have to pay Google if it's Google your advertising on but that's the beauty of search engine marketing you can bid on keywords and appear at the top of the search results for that keyword example here if we go back to online shopping well is bidding on that keyword online shopping so they're actually appearing above amazon's or listing but that's what they want to do they want to be found for that keyword so if they're not ranking forward organically well they're bidding on it and if somebody happened to clicked on that listing then is gonna pay Google something depending on what the cost per click is and so that could be anywhere from one penny to a hundred dollars it depends depends on the keyword it depends on who else is bidding on the keyword it depends on the location it depends on the time of day it depends on quality scores a lot of factors involved and regarding what you pay

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