How Vitamin D Deficiency Can Affect Your Body?

by Kudrati Ayurved Parkinson Treatment in India

Vitamin D is one of the numerous nutrients that our body requires to remain healthy and sound. It empowers the body to assimilate calcium, which builds bones and keep bones strong.

Role of Vitamin Din our body include:

·         Block the parathyroid hormone release which reabsorbs bone tissue that makes bones brittle and thin.

·         Vitamin D may likewise help in the functioning of muscle and immune system.

Deficiency of vitamin D is astonishingly common, and many people are ignorant of it. Highly low vitamin D level can result in brittle, soft bones; bone pain; as well as muscle weakness and pain.

A deficit of vitamin D has been connected to various medical issues, such as coronary illness, depression, and in fact cancer too.Vitamin D deficiency can also lead to a gastrointestinal condition which affects your potential to absorb fat.

Causes of Vitamin D Deficiency

Common risk factors for lack of vitamin D are -

·         Less exposure to the sun.

·         Eating less fish or dairy products.

·         Having dark skin.

·         Being old.

·         Being obese or overweight.

·         Living away from the equator where you’ll have limited sun exposure year-round.

·         Regularly applying sunscreen while going out.

·         Staying more indoors.

Symptoms of Vitamin D Deficiency

A few symptoms of a deficiency in vitamin D are -

·         Osteoporosis, frequent bone fractures, brittle, or thinning bones.

·         Muscle instability, especially if there is an unexplained variation in muscle strength.

·         Mood changes in individuals who have a low level of vitamin D encountering depression or anxiety.

·         Weariness, even after sleep.

·         Chronic pain because vitamin D has a vital role in supporting bone, muscle, as well as cell wellbeing.

·         High or rising pulse.

·         Reduced endurance.

·         Unexplained impotence.

·         Getting infected often


Treatment for Vitamin D Deficiency

1.       Managing and treating medical conditions:

It mainly applies to those that affect the gut, kidney, and liver health.

2.       Medicine for vitamin D deficiency:

Take herbal vitamin D supplements to regulate body function. Ayurvedic medicine for calcium is also a great source for making bones strong.

3.       Spending time in the sun:

Most specialists’ advice, if you are fair to medium toned spend around 10 – 15 minutes of direct sunlight every day without applying sunscreen.

4.       Consuming natural and fortified foods:

You can add natural and fortified food items in your diet for vitamin d3 deficiency treatment like salmon, tuna, beef liver, mushrooms, cheese, egg yolks, milk, yogurt, soy drinks, orange juice, etc.

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