Relieving Osteoarthritis with the power of Ayurveda

by Kudrati Ayurved Parkinson Treatment in India

This article will talk about the main causes of osteoarthritis and will also highlight the three main modules of Ayurveda to relieve this severe disease: herbal treatments, meditation and yoga. 

Osteoarthritis or Sandhivata as it is called in the terms of Ayurveda is a chronic joint disease wherein the cartilage cushioning the ends of the bones start losing its elasticity and also wears away in severe conditions. The absence of cartilages causes the bones to rub against one another which results in stiffness, inflammation and loss of movement.

Causes and symptoms

With symptoms ranging from a minor discomfort to debilitation, osteoarthritis is a severe problem that can occur in any body joints but most often found in the knees, hips, hand joints and spine. The common factors responsible for this aggravated and extremely painful medical condition include cellular disorder, inflammation and biomechanical imbalance. 

Ayurvedic Relief

The idea involved in the Ayurvedic healing is to integrate the human body, mind and spirit in identifying and eliminating underlying bodily imbalances.  The ancient medication system of Ayurveda offers relief from the problem of osteoarthritis with its three main modules that are discussed below:

1.      Herbal Treatments: Under this module, medicinal herbs as well as adequate diets are being prescribed to detoxify the human body from all the impurities, negative doshas and boost up its immune system for the future. The medicinal herbs like turmeric, ashwagandha, ginger, triphala and guggulu are all extremely beneficial in decreasing the inflammatory chemical levels in body and thus, providing long-term relief from this joint disease.

2.       Meditation: The body needs to be relaxed and provided with time to get rid of all the tensions, stress and anxiety to make the healing procedures work. And, a daily meditation regime will help in achieving the same by injecting in mental strength, emotional stability in the human body and relaxing it to the core thus, providing relief not for a temporary basis but for a long term course. 

3. Yoga: No joint problem can be relieved just by relaxing it, regular movements are also necessary. As an ancient and effective pain relieving method, yoga offers several gentle body movements (Yoga asanas) that not only strengthens the muscle and joints but also increases its flexibility thus, doing wonders for the osteoarthritis patients. But make sure to not over exaggerate the body, start with simple asanas like Surya Namaskars and then proceed to the tough ones step by step and slowly.

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