Heal the aching knees with the goods of Ayurveda

by Kudrati Ayurved Parkinson Treatment in India

Have you been stressed by those sudden knee pains that make it difficult to even stand and sit like many in the nation? If no, then the problem won’t be too far away and can come knocking at your door anytime soon. All thanks to the ill-timed meal, rest and exercise timings, sedentary lifestyles and vicious habits like consuming alcohol and smoking. The problem can definitely be cured with both Allopathic and Ayurvedic ways, but the latter is preferred more due to the fact that no side effects are linked to it as with the former.  Let’s take a deep look into the causes of knee pain and how they can be treated with the knee pain treatment in Ayurveda

Common knee pain causes include-

1.      Osteosathritis- The condition involves serious knee pain due to an old but violated knee injury. While pain starts with mild aches once in an hour or two, if not taken care of properly it could lead to serious pains with little to no leg movement made possible.

2.      Patellofemoral Arthrosis- This pain is caused majorly in the age above 40 due to excessive wear and tear of knees by heavy walks and treks of the adventure freaks.

3.      Arthritis- This isn’t a direct problem of knee pain instead is an after-effect of a wide variety of underlying diseases. Along with the pain, the affected person will also complain of swelling and reduced joint mobility.

4.      Bone and Catilage Inflammation- At times the tendon and cartilages detach from its original place and get stuck with free joint cavities. One can experience extreme locking pain and swelling.

Here are a few Ayurvedic tips that will help you with deep and efficient pain relief:

Massage: Any type of massage therapy can help in relieving joint pains, but the therapies done with sesame oil and mustard oil with a pinch of turmeric are the most effective ones. Such therapies will relieve the joints from any stress and stiffness and will also create scope for a better range of its motion and mobility.

Yoga: This is an ancient yet effective and natural pain relieving method that strengthens the body and help it manage arthritic conditions with ease. It’s also termed effective in controlling the problems of stiffness and inflammation in joints.

Acupuncture: According to this technique every body part can be relieved from its internal problem if its related specific point (or acupuncture point) is accurately stimulated. The stimulating procedure involves inserting fine needles on this point and removing the blockages if any in the body.

Cold treatment: Cold treatments are extremely beneficial in getting joint pain relief. At first, when the ice pack is applied on the affected area, it will ache a lot but the pain will start reducing with every consecutive ice therapy.

Hydrotherapy: Warm water is a great option to ease out the excessive pain and pressure on the joint and muscles. A nice bath or immersing the affected area in warm water will do wonders in relieving the joint-pain.

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