How to deal with sensitive teeth

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Tooth decay and hypersensitivity are one of the major problems that affect people globally. Tooth sensitivity is also known as enamel hypersensitivity or root sensitivity. Tooth sensitivity is caused by corrosion of the tooth enamel. The enamel can be eaten away as a result of the following activities;

Extra hard brushing

Using too much force or a hard bristle brush wears down the protective layers of one’s teeth exposing the nerve ending beneath. When exposed to extreme conditions such as temperature, sugar, acid etc. the tooth becomes irritated resulting in pain.

Grinding of teeth.

People with a habit of grinding their teeth together tend to put their teeth at risk. Although the enamel is made up of tough components, it is a thin layer and will eventually wear out.

Acidic foods.

In most meals, acidic foods like oranges and lemons contain acids and should be consumed together with water to dilute the acidity as they are foods which cannot be avoided. Acids, when attached to the teeth together with plaque, weakens the enamel and eventually, it wears off exposing the nerves.

Tooth whitening products or mouthwash

Most teeth whitening products are designed to remove the stained layer of the teeth. This is most cases causes the removal of the top layer of the teeth(enamel) exposing the living part of the teeth resulting in sensitivity and other teeth related problems.

Most over the counter mouthwashes contain chemicals such as alcohol which expose the enamel. Mouthwashes containing alcohol and used regularly can have the same effect as heavy alcohol abusers.

Gum diseases

Periodontal diseases eat away the teeth gum exposing the cementum of the tooth. This exposes the nerves.

Dental procedures.

In the event of a bad tooth, and toothache, someone may need to visit a dentist for a check-up and the may be advised to go through the procedures to have their tooth removed. This kind of sensitivity is usually temporary but if the sensitivity persists they should visit their dentists to have their teeth checked.

Other minor causes of sensitivities include;

Teeth Cracking-This can be caused by eating hard foods as ice and candy, people who participate in games also can break their teeth or even falling and breaking one’s tooth. Which can be prevented by wearing mouth guards for gamers and avoiding eating hard foods for anyone. Some tooth cracks are not visible and an x-ray should be done to determine the crack. Tooth cracks can be repaired using fillings, a root canal or even replacing the cracked area as they are weakening’s for tooth decay or other related complications.

Tooth Glazing-This is caused experienced by people who have had an experience in teeth filling. Tooth glazing finally wears off after some time.

Extreme sensitivity can be quite uncomfortable and one is advised to seek medical help. Tooth sensitivity is commonly characterized by a sharp pain throughout the teeth area when one’s teeth are exposed to cold water, air or even foods of different levels acidity. The following steps can be used to curb the condition:

Use of fluoride varnish

Fluoride varnish is a paste made up of a high concentration of fluoride and can be used as a type of topical fluoride therapy. This topical fluoride therapy can be administered in form of a gel, varnish or highly concentrated mouth rinse. When the fluoride varnish application instructions are used well the results are effective. The fluoride present sticks to the teeth surfaces and the gum of the teeth for several hours assuring your teeth of protection for the time being.

Using a mouth guard.

This is highly recommended for people who grind their teeth. Custom made mouth guards are best since they fit the teeth perfectly. This should be worn especially at night when retiring to bed or when one is just relaxing in the house.

Use of standard toothbrush.

The bristles of your toothbrush should be of medium tensile strength. Neither too hard for it will damage the gums and teeth nor too soft for it needs to remove the plaque stuck in the teeth. Toothbrushes always wear out after some time and should be replaced as bristles breaking might stick between teeth or bristles become too hard.

Avoiding eating highly acidic foods.

Acidic foods are one of the main reasons for sensitivity and people with sensitivity should be avoided at any cost.

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