What Can You Do About Sensitive Teeth?

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When your teeth get hurt after consuming cold or hot drinks then this shows that you are suffering from tooth sensitivity. In case of tooth sensitivity, you need to consult a dentist. Cold air as well as foods that are sour and sweet can aggravate tooth sensitivity. It is very important to know the reason behind tooth sensitivity, only then you can get the right treatment for it. Now I am going to describe what can you do about sensitive teeth.  

Your tooth enamel needs proper care and attention

When your brush your teeth or eat something then your teeth get a lot of support from a layer that is protective and hard known as tooth enamel. If tooth enamel wears out then this exposes the pain-causing nerve endings. Because of wearing out of the tooth enamel, tooth sensitivity occurs. To avoid any damage to the tooth enamel you need to follow some habits which are given below:

Avoid hard brushing

Don’t use a heavy hand for the purpose of cleaning your teeth. This activity will not only remove the plaque but a lot more may be taken off. Your enamel can wear out very fast if you will brush along the gum line. Brushing with a toothbrush having soft bristles will always be good for you. If you want strong and clean enamel then do brushing along the gum line at an angle of 45 degrees.

Don’t consume drinks and foods that are acidic

Your enamel will get hurt if you will consume carbs containing a high amount of sugar, sticky candy or soda. You need to eat foods like:

·       Yogurt in the plain form

·       Milk

·       Cheese

·       Vegetables and fruits containing much fiber

For your teeth, certain bacteria and acids are not good. To prevent you from these bacteria and acids the above-mentioned 4 foods will help a lot because these foods will keep your mouth moist. In order to protect your oral health from them, saliva can play a significant role. Chewing sugarless gum and drinking black tea or green tea can also be very helpful. Avoid brushing just after eating acidic food items. It will be good to do brushing after completion of 1 hour.

Don’t try to clench your teeth

Your enamel wears out because of tooth grinding. To avoid this problem, you need to get relief from stress by speaking to someone. But sometimes in spite of speaking to someone the problem stays. In this situation wearing a mouth guard or a splint will be a good idea and for fitting it in your mouth you can take the help of a dentist.

When the case becomes serious then some kind of muscle relaxant or changing the position of your teeth with the help of dental work may be needed.

Avoid frequent bleaching your teeth

Pain can occur in your pearly whites if you will bleach them a lot. But the good news is that only temporary sensitivity occurs because of this. So, when do you need to bleach your pearly whites and in what amount do you need to use this? A dentist will give the perfect answer to this question.

Try to identify the cause of the problem

There are various problems because of which tooth sensitivity occurs:

Your gums shrink naturally

Tooth roots can get uncovered because of wear and tear of the gums and this may happen after crossing the age of 40 years. As compared to your tooth’s rest part, so much sensitivity is present in tooth roots. The reason behind this is that there is no protection of enamel with these roots.

If your gums recede then you need to take the help of a dentist. Gum disease can occur by receding gums. Gum grafting may be needed in those cases that are serious.

Gum disease

A pulling of the gums can occur when on the teeth a formation of tartar and plaque occurs. Your tooth’s bony support can get destroyed with this. Gum disease can occur in your mouth if you smoke a lot. So, avoid smoking. For removing this plaque and tartar you may need to undergo a treatment known as scaling or planing.

Various types of treatments for tooth sensitivity

·       Use of mouthguard

·       Use of sealants

·       Covering the exposed roots with fillings

·       Use of fluoride gel

The Best dentist near me can treat tooth sensitivity by following the right procedure.

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